An update to an earlier post

As some of you are aware, earlier this year my 82 year old granny got scammed over a property deal.   To the tune of £395.

My original blogpost is here:  Dear Scammer


As one of my replies to comments at the bottom said, on the day I posted that, unbeknown to me, Fryer was actually in court.   Not for this crime but for a similar fraud where he conned a management committee out of thousands.

Sentencing has now happened and as reported here:  Scammer jailed


Fryer has been jailed for three years.   Shame he will be out after eighteen months but at least he has been jailed.

As I said in the original post:  It’s all about karma Mr Fryer.  Karma / what goes around, comes around.   Whatever you want to call it.   And one day.  Just one day you are going to pick on the wrong person.  Maybe that day is today.

Karma indeed, Mr Fryer, Karma indeed.


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