So what did you do today?

It is probably around now that you are getting home from picking up children from school and asking the question “what did you do at school today?”  Or waiting for your other half to come home from work and you will ask the same of them.

I am interested though in what you did today.   Does anybody ever really ask you that?   No, I thought not.

So please tell me.   This is not a competition to see who has done the most, I am just as interested in “I did bugger nothing, apart from read my book and eat chocolate all day” type responses.    If that is you, I love you.   What was the name of the book, and which chocolate bar was it?

Me?  Well below is what I have done so far:

  • Worked:  booking jobs for my main client, answered numerous emails, returned calls and been involved in a deposit dispute.
  • Taken son back to boarding school which is a two hour round trip, talked to Matron and one of the some of the other parents.
  • Sorted out back to school essentials for daughter (why is it kids need a new pencil case EVERY term?)
  • Done some washing up
  • Loaded the washing machine / tumble drier / dishwasher (though admittedly not as much as Mr B has done today, nor have I emptied them)
  • Had a major meltdown when the phone line at home fell over and my dongle wouldn’t work either so I had to decamp to Starbucks.  Which then gave me a headache because it was so loud.
  • Ironed for an hour, including eight of Mr B’s work shirts.
  • Tweeted.  Do I even need to include this in the list?  It is like saying “blinked and breathed in and out”.
  • Sort out some birthday stuff for a certain son who is 16 on Friday.
  • Spoke to two of my Victim Support clients.

So there you have it.  My day in a nutshell.   Bit of a mixed bag really.

That was mine, how was yours?


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  • Wow, what a list, T
    My day was
    * take youngest to school
    * take hubs to work as his car was in for MOT
    * quick emergency shop
    * back home to get changed for hospital appt
    * pick up daughter’s BFF & take them both into town for shopping and film
    * go to hospital for first in latest course of hydrotherapy
    * come out of hospital utterly exhausted, go to bed for a couple of hours to avoid keeling over (hydrotherapy leaves me very dizzy)
    * manage to get out of bed, walk to pick up youngest & get home
    * entertain youngest from bed as still v dizzy
    * do as much work as poss from bed with laptop
    Not a typical day certainly, and not managed to do much at all, but time invested in hydrotherapy every few months has enabled me to work again, (having been told I wouldn’t ever do so,) so I am content to say the least.

  • What have I done today?

    * worked – I’ve been writing on and off since 5.30 this morning
    *sorted out my bedroom drawers and set aside all the too-big clothes (hooray!) for charity/paint rags as appropriate
    *decontaminated the dishwasher
    *queued up in assorted understaffed establishments in Fleet
    * had to make a detour because those silly road works near you mean some roads are still closed two weeks later than they should be
    * been sworn at by a cold caller.

    And now I’m about to write a blog post of my own and then go and do something creative with sprouting broccoli.

  • My day:
    – took my daughter to school and went in to make sure her new teacher knows she’s dyslexic – she didn’t!
    – took the dogs a walk and they turned potty in the wind- so naughty!
    – attempted to catch up on emails from people wanting meetings
    – started to set up an electronic calendar (I love my paper one but it’s huge so sometimes it would be good to have everything in my phone)
    – got changed and headed off to The Met Club Sheffield business lunch
    – came home and added new contacts on linkedin
    – went to pick my daughter up from after school club
    – took my daughter to the doctors
    – came home and fired up the laptop to work but got thrown off by daughter who’d promised to meet a friend in Pandaland!!!
    – checked twitter on phone and ended up here…

    Oh yes, at some point I’ve done two loads of washing too.


  • *got up with a toddler at 615 and got him fed and watered
    *got a husband off to work but without any lunch because I forgot to buy ham (oops)
    *made a grocery list
    *called GP to get son and me seen today
    *went to GP to find out mine is viral and son’s is bacterial.
    *went to chemist
    *went to grocery store
    *had small argument with toddler about whether or not he wanted a banana. He didn’t. Got put down for a nap instead
    *had lunch
    *read the internet, wrote a blog post
    *fed a toddler lunch
    *made dinner
    *about to start bedtime

  • 2 kids ready and one dropped off at school, took youngest to playgroup and was on parent helper duty. Back round to collect DS from school (does anyone else have this silly half days in primary one for the first 6 weeks?) and home for lunch. Somehow fitted most of a days’ work into 2 hours before taking DS back to school for computer club and then picked him up again an hour later. Kids fed, now preparing for a turgid committee meeting this evening. Thankfully this will be followed by wine! And sewed hole in OH’s jeans pocket as he is going away tomorrow for 6 days golfing……….. First two days he claims are work but immediately followed by lads weekend away. Oh well at least I get full charge of remote control and can get away with minimal cooking when it’s just me and the kids 🙂

  • Today I have –

    1/ got up and gone to the Drs…. Running late #normal
    2/ been to the gym …… Spinning and swimming #knackered
    3/ done some admin at the Shop #boring
    4/ been to the bank for a “financial review” …… Yup still broke !! #noshockthere
    5/ done some personal admin at home #essential
    6/ called Diamond Insurance & got my son covered on my policy …Must be bonkers!! #mad
    7/ given chickens their treats, collected their eggs #bountiful
    8/ put washing and dishwasher on #dailyoccurance

    Nothing too amazing to be fair :-/

  • 1. Got up too early as kids awake demanding to be dressed!
    2. washed, dressed & fed kiddies.
    3. Got all school stuff & kiddies in car for school run.
    4. Took to school felt sad as little boy just started!!
    5. Home had me time while ate breakfast.
    6. Cleaned the house all day after 6 weeks of school holidays there was a lot of cleaning!!
    7. School Run
    8. Played/talked to kiddies
    9. Fed, washed & bedtime storytime
    10. Kisses and cuddles my fav:)
    11. Cook Mum & Dads Tea
    12. Clear up
    13. Sit down & chill with papers & TV
    14. Bedtime!!