And so NaBloPoMo ends

This is it.   My final post in support of National Blog Post Month run in conjunction with Britmums.

I have really enjoyed it.   Back in October I was bumbling along with my blog and maybe only posting every other day when I felt I had something to say.   This initiative has made me re think my blog.   Made me find something to blog on each day.   Whilst trying to find things that I think you, the reader, will either enjoy, laugh at, or comment on.

Thank you for being there.   Thanks for doing all of the above.   Without you, there wouldn’t be any point.

And so it seems appropriate that I leave you with this.   A video that my dad sent me yesterday.    I hope it makes you feel the same way it did me when I first saw it.

My blog is the cinema.  You are the couple wandering in.

This is my day 30 post for NaBloPoMo

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  • Love the clip – entering your blog is NOT like that though – but you are just as welcoming xxx

  • I always LOVE reading your blog. It makes me think, it makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry. But life’s like that and it should be. One life – live it well.

    Don’t stop blogging!

    PS Loved the clip and I like to think I’d have gone and sat down.

  • What a great ad, love it! Well done for completing NaBloPoMo. I haven’t had much chance to read everyone elses as been to busy trying to get a post done every day. BUT, have more time now and will definitely have a browse through yours 🙂

  • It’s a great thing to have done isn’t it? I also feel I have found a direction for my blog at last and now know wha people enjoy reading. I would def do it again. Well done x

  • Well done on completing the month, it feels good doesn’t it?

    And that video is fab!