Another reason why I hate football

I had gone to bed before the incident during the Chelsea / Swansea game on Wednesday night.  And it is a good job because if I had seen it I would have worked myself up into such a rage I wouldn’t have been able to sleep for a week.

A 17 year old ball boy gets kicked because a premiership footballer thinks that the boy has held on to the ball for too long and is “time wasting”.    This footballer is on £170,000 a week and he thinks that kicking another human being in the ribs is justified.

Words fail me.

And then we see this on Twitter.   From another so called professional footballer:


Despicable.   Utterly vile.

Send them all off.   Every one of them.   Football is full of overpaid egotistical men that think they are Gods.   And that because they are good with a football it gives the right to behave in any way they like.  On and off the pitch.

This just reinforces why I despise the game and eveything to do with it.


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  • The whole game is rotten to the core. Even the kids games are affected, parents swearing at the referees, what example does that set to young players? The salaries paid to some footballers are, frankly, vile. My dearest hope is that the whole pack of cards collapses when the money runs out, and it will, eventually.

    • Couldnt agree more. So pleased that my son (or daughters for that matter) are not interested in playing, or really supporting any particular teams.

  • If I went to Tesco and booted a shopping trolley attendant for holding on to a trolley I would be arrested – why is there one rule for people and another for footballers?!

  • Now I don’t condone teenagers getting kicked or hurt by anyone but I think the situation has been shown all day on TV now and I start to see a different picture. Said teenager tweets before the match that he will be #timewasting during the match -which is what he was actually doing. I don’t say that the footballer was right but I can see the frustration as I also saw other Swansea ball boys time wasting and delaying the game in a way I’ve never seen ball boys behave before, they really should be faceless extras just helping during the match and not having a starring role. And I was not convinced by the pained look on his face or the rolling around that followed- think he’s been watching a few too many Premiership footballers pulling the same trick quite honestly. And if they could solve that issue then football would be more enjoyable. Oh and reduce their over inflated salaries!

  • I was brought up never watching or joining in with the football madness and my boys will be brought up exactly the same. It is absolutely disgusting. It’s not just the footballers themselves, it’s also the fans – look at them in the seats behind the footballer, they find the abuse funny. Disgraceful.

  • As a girl who brought up in a family of football supporters, I am so sad this has happened. The game used to be about people going to support a team they loved and I always remember the excitment my dad had about taking his kids to their first game. Don’t hate the game – hate the pratts who get involved in it who don’t appreciate how lucky they are.