Ranty Friday — Tags

You know the ones.   Those stupid tags that shops attach to items.

Either as a security measure or as an “aid to display”.

I saw several tweets over Christmas from people who were asking how they could remove security tags from items they had bought as the shop had forgotten to do it.     The answer being “you can’t unless you go back”.

Well they can’t be very good for security if people have got the item home without any major alarm going off.

Then this week I decided to buy a couple of pairs of glasses.   Just for days I don’t want to wear my lenses or when my eyes get really tired and I need a half point boost.    I knew my mum had bought reading glasses in Boots for about a tenner.   So off I went.

But I couldn’t try the damn things on because they had enormous tags over the nose bar.    Others I saw in Specsavers have them on the arms.

How are you supposed to see what you look like when you can’t get them on?!   The tags in Boots aren’t even security tags.  Nothing happens if you steal them (not that I was of course).   They are on there simply to hang up.    But why do they need to hang them up when they have arms on them and can sit on a stand as they do with sunglasses?

I think these plastic tags should be outlawed.    I want to be able to try on a pair of glasses not have some tag sticking into my head so I can’t put them on properly or see.

Useless bloody things


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  • I would like to add stickers under shoes to your rant!
    I lose my fingernails to get them out and it totally annoys me. I don’t want to walk with stickers under my shoes, but neither do I want to have no nails because of the sodding stickers!

  • I agree! They do my head in! Packaging in general really. Especially on toys, where you need a flippin’ screwdriver to get them out!

  • How about when they stick them right through the middle of a pair of gloves? I have very long fingers. I need to try gloves on to make suree the fingers are long enough for me. How am I supposed to do that when there’s a strand of plastic poked right through the middle of the palm?

    • …. and shoes. How can you try shoes on when they are joined together? I want to be able to walk in them and see if they are comfy

  • I hate the tags and the plastic sticky joiny tag things (no idea what they are actually called?!) I bought Em some new socks last week, they had a tag through the toes of all the socks, to keep the pack together, then a tag through each pair too. They actually made small holes in the socks, which annoyed me no end, so I took them back. The sales lady was most apologetic, and told me she knows it’s stupid, but they are told to do it that way! Grrrrr!
    I wonder what would have happened if you had approached a sales assistant with some scissors and told her you wanted the tags cut off so you could try them glasses on?

  • Oh my YES. And those silly shop one’s that I often get home and find still attached to my trousers which means a hacksaw in the garage job – Grrr!

  • What REALLY gets my goat is when I set of the alarm, the store person just says ‘no worries’ and waves me on my way as they know I have paid but cannot be arsed to remove the thing, thus rendering me unable to enter any other shop without triggering their alarm!!!! …..and breathe…

  • I hate it when they put really huge ones on clothes, particularly tops, so that when you try and get it over your head with its dinner plate sized plastic disc it gets all caught up in your bra and your hair which results in a spaghetti of all sorts that you have to try and untangle in your most likely teeny weeny size change room with a shaving size mirror.

  • Do you know what really annoys me? When they put scissors in packaging that you need a pair of scissors to get into! Why do you think I’m buying a pair of scissors you moron!!!!! Not you obviously! 😉

  • I bloody hate those things! We had to take everything out its packaging for Christmas so the kids wouldn’t be hampered by those impossible to remove tags! The ones that piss me off to the point of violence, the ones you need a damn screw driver for, what the hell were they thinking! Ahhh deep breath…

  • I walked around for months beeping everytime i walked in and out of shops before i one day, very randomly happened to look inside an inner pocket of my diary for something and discovered one of those tags. It had been going off all the time and making me look like an outright liar and theif when the store security would come trotting over. I had got the dairy from Amazon!!

  • Yes and the clothes – and the security tags are inside the legs or inside the cup of the bra!

  • I’m with you. I don’t like them because I can’t get them OFF. And then, when I do, they NEVER make it to the trashcan because they get stuck on me or something else. Worthless!