Ballet shoes in trees


Ballet shoes in a tree

This floored me a bit this week.   Ballet shoes hanging in a tree on Fleet High Street.  Just hanging from a tree, with no explanation as to why they are there.  Who put them there.   Or, well, anything.   The messages written on the shoes are quite powerful, and I did wonder if this was a cry for help from somebody.   Lots of talk about perfection, and striving to be perfect.

Ballet Shoe Message

It’s quite haunting.

What do you make of it?

Ballet Shoes2

Any ideas?  I would love to find out who did it and the thinking behind it.

Ballet Shoe


They have been there for a few days now and nobody seems to be any the wiser.  I have tried Googling to see if this is a “thing”.  Like Yarn bombing is, though why people would decide to randomly adorn trees with battered ballet shoes on a regular basis is beyond me.   Doing it once though really makes you think, though, doesn’t it?


Please get in touch if you know what it means!

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  • I saw this on a Facebook page the other day, and intrigued me too, there has to be some logical reason, hasn’t there? I would love to know the reasons too

    Great post too

  • Oh goodness, that is quite a statement isn’t it? I’d love to know the story behind it – is it one person who has been put under too much pressure or is it some form of craftivism? Intriguing!

  • Wow! Makes me think it’s a piece of art by someone. Very effective though. Here the shoes in trees and hanging off phone wires are an end of school thing… Not quite as dramatic! 🙂

  • Gosh, I really don’t know…something about teetering on the edge, never stable perhaps? Looks cool thought whatever it means.

  • I immediately thought of art as this kind of thing wouldn’t be out of place in a modern art gallery. Maybe it’s the start of a new expression? I’m guessing here.
    It’s a very strong and powerful voice whoever put it there and like mentioned above, I hope that person is ok

  • I think that several up and coming ballerinas have given up and hung up their shoes in the tree to bring a few points to the passers-by.

  • My guess would be artist’s project – would love to know more though – keep us posted if you find out!

  • A ballerina is the symbol of perfection so I think this is more a piece of art work with a very powerful message.

    The fact that the shoes are battered to me shows hard work and dedication, the one with the word Strength is very powerful and could mean of spirt or muscle both of which are needed in life and ballet.

    You all ask if the person is ok as if it’s a cry for help, I don’t see this as dark and I would have said it was more designed to make you stop and think.

    There are very few careers harder than being a ballerina it takes hard work dedication, strength of soul and body and incredible self control and even today ballerinas are precived as being perfect and I think this is an amazing piece of art to make you stop and think is it ever possible to achieve perfect? (the pressures of perfection leaves us all out).

    Definately a real piece of art loving hearing everyone’s views on this piece and how it’s being precived by you all.

    Would really love to know what the artist meant by it.