Beni Girls and a blogger party at Benihana

You might not have heard of Benihana and their amazing Japanese food, which to be honest is a HUGE shame.  And if you are a blogger I would like to put that right by inviting you to come along to a little celebration I am helping them to organise.

First of all, some background.

Benihana was first opened in New York, in 1964 by Rocky Aoki who pioneered “Teppanyaki”, chefs combining the art of dazzling performances whilst cooking meals with the finest ingredients right in front of diners.   Rocky had grown up in the restaurant business, had been an Olympic wrestler and sold ice creams from a van so whilst opening his own restaurant might have been a bit of a jump it was also in his blood.     That is one biography I would love to read!

From that first restaurant with just four tables there are now over 100 all around the world, including three in London.   All with that original belief of serving amazing food, with the best ingredients, and offering a great atmosphere and show.   The focus really is on people having a great time which is probably why the restaurants are often frequented by A list celebs.

And now you, hopefully!

If you are a blogger and love Japanese food as much as I do then I really do need you.    To celebrate the 50th birthday this year Benihana are bringing the Beni Girls over from Japan and will be putting on a show in the Benihana restaurant in Chelsea in September.   And I have been asked to help arrange a Beni Girls Blogger Party!

In fact this is what Benihana have said <blush>

“Benihana is delighted to be collaborating with Mummy Barrow to host their Beni-Girl Party. 

Mummy Barrow is a well respected part of the parenting blogger community, she writes with quality, flair and entertainment which represents the Benihana experience perfectly. Collaborating with Mummy Barrow also ensures we get the details right and our “afternoon with the Beni-Girls” will be planned perfectly to ensure everyone who is invited will have the best time possible.”

Yikes.  No pressure then Barrow.

The plan is a very simple one.   Tea and nibbles for the blogger and children (if they wish to bring them along), a dance class from the Beni Girls (which promises to be amazing and a real treat), and a show from the Teppan chefs.  There will also be a giveaway of pre loaded loyalty cards, all preloaded with an amount from £10 to £500.

If you would like to come along and join in with the event then please email me at tanya at mummybarrow dot com.

The date is being kept a bit vague publicly so we can make sure names are on the list etc but I can say it is mid week, mid September and will be from 3.30pm to 6pm at the Chelsea restaurant.

It promises to be an amazing event and we really would love to have as many of you along as we can.

If you can’t be there then we would love for you to “join us” on social media, there will be some prizes for people joining in on the afternoon using a #BeniGirlsBash (though that might be changed so don’t quote me on that # just yet!)

And obviously if you are not a blogger but want to try out some incredible Japanese food, including sushi to die for, then do have a rummage on their website and find a restaurant near you to go and visit!

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