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“Sum up your summer in one picture” asks Tara Cain for the Gallery this week.   Well that is far from easy is it?!  Though Tara does admit that it could be tricky.

Our summer seems to have flown by.   We have had A levels and J making the decision that he is not going to uni.   C continuing to battle the landlord from hell and eventually telling him where to stick his flat.   And E going to Reading Festival without us and surviving.

A holiday in France with three great families, none of whom we had been on holiday with before so a leap of faith for us all.   But from which we have returned and the friendships remain in tact so we must have done something right!   It was a great holiday, very lazy, lots of laughs, wine, cheese and not doing a huge amount.

But how do I sum all of that up?

With sunflowers.   I photographed them a lot in France.   And blogged about how synonymous they are for me of France and summer.  Many a car trip during our two weeks in France was interrupted by me shouting “stop, I need to take a photo”.    So for my birthday last week it was lovely when both Mummy Barrow Proper ie Mr B’s mum sent me a bunch of sunflowers (and a lovely jug to put them in because I never have any vases).

And then my BFF arrived with a bunch too.   One of the families who had been out in France with us she had been in the car during one of my mad dashes down a grassy bank and into a field.

Both bunches now sit in the lounge and kitchen and as it tips down with rain on this Bank Holiday Monday as I write this, I can look them and remember lazy summer days in France.    They really do sum up my summer in one picture.

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  • That’s lovely. Sounds like you had an amazing holiday and lovely how sunflowers really epitomise that for you.

  • Wow I really wasn’t expecting it to be a sunflower as an entire summary of your eventful summer!! How lovely and sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  • What a gorgeous sunflower – and an action packed summer!
    My ‘honorary’ Grandad loved sunflowers – and France – and after he passed away his ashes were scattered over a field of sunflowers in the Vendee – so they are super special to me too. x

  • Worried about these mad dashes down banks and into fields.
    Have you discussed your problem with the doctor?
    I have some excellent (NHS) pills.

  • The sunflowers are beautiful.
    At this moment I’m thinking of one particular blogger who needs sunflowers in her life x