The best cars for a family getaway

choosing a family car

With a family getaway on the horizon, perhaps it’s time to take a look at the vehicle you intend on transporting everyone in to ensure it meets your requirements – and can fit everything you could possibly need inside.

While the concept of changing your car for a family getaway might seem a little over the top, if you are intending on making the same sort of trip regularly in the future it might be worth upgrading to one of these vehicles:

For the regular beach getaway

If you and your family make routine trips to the beach at the weekend and longer breaks in the summer then there are a few requirements your vehicle needs, including:

• Leather seats – these are easily wipeable, which is ideal when the kids climb in covered in sand and sticky with ice cream. Leather seats are always a good idea if you intend to lease a car and don’t want to worry about making a mess!
• Large boot space – great for packing in the picnic bag, all the towels and the sports games that you intend to play on the beach.
• Air cons – for when it’s hot outside and you want a nice reprieve as you leave the beach.

Recommended car:

Nissan Juke – this model is great looking, available with leather seats and is large enough to fit everyone and the dog inside with room to spare!

For the camping trip:

Camping trips require lots of equipment, from tent poles to bikes to even kayaks if you’re heading out on the water nearby, which is why you need a large vehicle that can carry all this plus the family.

 In terms of requirements you need:

• Storage space – a large boot is essential, and it’s also worth looking for a vehicle with large footwells featuring extra room to take advantage of.
• Roof rack capabilities – check the vehicle is capable of carrying roof racks for extra storage or bike racks on the back of the car. Not all cars can have these fitted.

Recommended car:

Honda Cr-V – This large estate vehicle should manage to house everything you need for your getaway, with ample room inside and a large roof to attach all the additional extras for your trip.

For the getaway to the National Park

National Parks are notoriously hilly, so you need a vehicle that can meet the demands of the road and get you to your destination safely.

Here’s what you need:

• Great suspension – suspension is a must if you are navigating rocky terrain and steep roads as it ensures the car stays on track and can handle the bumps along the way. It’s essential for passenger comfort. No one wants to feel nauseous as you drive along those undulating country roads.

• Tyres with grip – rough roads with loose terrain can easily cause slippage if tyres aren’t up to the job, so ensure the wheels on your vehicle have the assistance of gripping tyres that ensure you won’t skid while making your way to your destination.

Recommended car:

Hyundai Tucson – This 4×4 is recommended by the What Car? website, which confirms that the car has ‘pulling power’. It’s also large enough to fit everything you need for your hiking trip inside plus all the family!

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