Brilliance in Blogging awards

Yes I know, this is a post about blogging…. I know… I know… a blog should never talk about blogging.   I know the rules.

But do you know what?  I don’t care.  Today I am breaking the rules.

It is just two years since I started blogging and I think you all know how passionately I feel about it now.   How much it has become a part of my life.   And a part of my family’s life as they get to try out the things we get to review, or talk about the subjects I have touched on.

Two years ago I thought nobody would listen.  Nobody would be interested.   That I would have nothing to say.   Well people have listened.   And not only that but they have sought me out and asked for my opinion.    And that means the world to me.    It makes me proud of all that this blog has become.

And it makes me proud to see that my peers have voted for me in the Brilliance in Blogging awards.     People either love or hate blog awards, and are generally fairly vocal about which team they are on.    I am very much in the love them category.   I don’t get any bonus or recognition through work as I don’t work in an office.  I don’t get any feedback on what I do as a mum so this is the only way I can get a pat on the back.

I am chuffed therefore that this year I am nominated in the Brilliance in Blogging awards not just for this blog but also as part of Team Honk for the work we did with Comic Relief.

I am in the Social Media Category (probably because if you Google Mummy Barrow the first result is “Who is Mummy Barrow on Twitter” as I am on it so much).   And in the Commentary category you can find Team Honk.

There are some amazing blogs in all the categories, some you may not have come across before so do make a cup of tea and spend some time reading through them all.   Maybe leave a comment to say you were passing through.  Us bloggers love a good comment.

And if you do vote.  Thank you.

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