Ranty Friday — Drive Like a Girl

“Drive Like a Girl”  what does that make you think of?  What does it conjur up?

Sounds like a derogatory comment, doesn’t it?  “Oh you drive like a girl”.   As if driving like a girl is in someway any different from driving like a boy.

And now you are going to ask me why I am asking you this in my Ranty Friday this week, aren’t you?  Aren’t you?  Well even if you aren’t I am going to tell you.

Because there is an insurance company called Drive Like a Girl.

Yep.  Because new insurance laws are sexist and make it worse for girls.  So what do we do?  We name a company “drive like a girl” and offer insurance to girls.  Oh and boys.

Can you imagine when J’s insurance comes up for renewal and he is sitting in the Sixth Form Common room at college…. “So who is your insurance with?”

“Um, Drive Like a Girl”.

Because that is going to go down really well with teenage boys isnt it?  “Oooh you drive like a girl”.    Please

What on earth is this company saying to teenagers?  What is it promoting with it’s very name?

That girls in some way drive any differently from anybody else?  Statistically they might have less accidents but that could be for a number of factors, such as doing less miles etc.

I don’t think I have ever come across a more sexist company than this.   Ever.

“Drive like a Girl* ” *but we insure boys too. So why give the company a name like that?

How do girls drive?  And why are we encouraging boys to drive that way?  Why can’t just encourage everybody to drive safely?  Why does it have to be “like a girl”.


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  • A very good rant. I would imagine they couldn’t come up with an appropriate name so just pulled a random name out of a hat! Bloody idiots!

  • Judging by the picture girls drive while blowing bubbles out of car doors…. A nonsense attempt to subvert the equality act that has, unfortunately for my 16 and 3/4 year, ensured that car insurance is now out of the reach of both boy and girl teenagers!

  • I’m guessing they were trying to make it sound like a good thing to drive like a girl?! But obviously it has backfired BIG TIME!!!

  • A clever bit of marketing if you ask me. As by law insurance companies are no longer allowed to give female drivers lower premiums than male drivers they have given themselves a stereotypical name which will keep boy racers away by their own choice.

  • This company is clearly sexist and an insult to my manhood. I am a boy and I drive like a boy because I am one, and I am safe. Society has traditionally been softer on women and I think it’s time that they pay equal prices to men.