Britmums Prompt: Children

This week’s Britmums prompt centres around children and asks the following three questions:

  • One thing I do that makes my child laugh is…
  • One thing that my child does that makes ME laugh is…
  • The best rule in our house is…

So here are my answers!

What I do to make them laugh

My response to this one would be “just being me”.   I try to make life fun and like to have a laugh, but sometimes I am unintentionally funny.   The other problem is that sometimes me just having a good time gets translated into being embarrassing for those around me.  Singing along to the radio / dancing in the crowd at Reading Festival to name but two.

I asked my children this question just now and E said “when you fall asleep on the sofa and wake yourself up with a snore”.    Er, thanks, yeah, hilarious.

J replied that it was my tweets (he is away at school so keeps in touch via Twitter, amongst other things).   This made him smile this week:  “Apparently it is wrong to pick up a Lucozade bottle dropped in a queue of traffic and throw it back through the van window. Who knew?”

C smiled when I just asked this question.   Her response was “the way you treat the dog like a baby”.

What they do to make me laugh

Definitely being themselves.   All three of them are so individual and they each make me smile on a daily basis.   J has the driest of senses of humour but also a small amount of nuttiness.   Seeing how fast the Stig chocolate head would go in the food processor springs to mind.   Or his tweeted response to the above tweet: “tell me you didn’t” made me roar with laughter.

E for her 13th birthday asked for a dog bed, big enough for a great Dane so she could sleep in it.  That made me smile and seeing her in on the morning of her birthday made me chuckle.

C often does crazy things that would make you think her hair was blonde not purple.  She has a real zest for life and hearing her talk about her friends always makes me laugh.

Collectively the mad songs they used to make up and sing together, particuarly on one holiday in Cyprus, will always make me giggle.

They can cheer me up from the lowest of lows in minutes.

Our house rule

Manners cost nothing.   Politeness is key above anything else.    There are very few rules in this house, we are pretty laidback, but I will not tolerate rudeness.   From an early age all of the children have known to say “please” and “thank you” and asked to be excused from the table.   Closed doors are knocked on before entering and elders are treated with respect.


How about yours?  Do tell.


This is my day 22 post for #NaBloPoMo

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