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February means one thing to me.  Half term.   I don’t know about you but I get as excited about the school holidays as children do these days.  Having a lie in.  No school runs.  Bliss.   We don’t have any plans for this half term yet but last half term we had a few days out that were great fun and that I highly recommend for a half term treat.  Best of all Cadbury World.

What more could you want from a day out but being indoors in the warm and dry, and free chocolate.  I defy you to find a better thing to do as a treat.

Getting there is dead easy.  Well sign posted from all the major roads, and clear directions on the website too:


and there is loads of parking too.

You do need to pre-book your tickets prior to arrival so make sure you have done that and printed your tickets.   You can do it by calling them up, or you can do it on line to save 5%, prices are as follows:


Once you have handed them over you are then grouped with other people on your timed tour and shown into the first room for a short film.   With free chocolate!  Younger children might be a bit restless at this point and seeing old photos compiled together with a narrator does seem a bit dated in this technological age but there are some lovely images of Cadbury through the ages.

Another short film and they are free to wander at your leisure through themed areas, all relating to chocolate or the production of it.   Starting with the Aztec Jungle, the journey into Europe, Bull Street and the beginnings of Cadbury, through old adverts, and a trip to the world’s biggest Cadbury shop.

One of the largest areas you go through is production, where you can walk through the factory and see conveyor belts and various stages of the production of chocolate bars.  Sadly if you visit at a weekend there is not a lot to see  so it’s hard to see these areas at their best, it would be great fun to see chocolate bars actually being produced which I am sure you can do if you go midweek.   I love behind the scenes stuff and seeing how things are made so would have got a real kick out of seeing all the lines up and running


But there are lots of facts on the walls to keep you amused as you wander around


There are more free samples in the production area and you can choose toppings to go on your pot of lovely fresh Cadbury chocolate.


This might just have been my favourite part of the whole tour.  This and watching this clever lady making chocolate teapots.  I was mesmerised by her skill with a piping bag.   How clever?!


Or how about this?


hard to believe that is all chocolate, isn’t it?

A recent addition to the site is the 4D experience:

Join Freddo, and a whole host of Cadbury characters, as they whisk you away on an adventurous journey in our brand new 4D cinema experience, complete with motion seats. Dive into a bowl of liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk, ride the Crunchie Rollercoaster and take to the skies in a Cadbury Creme Egg airship piloted by the Caramel Bunny

and I really do recommend you go and experience this.  There is a queue but there is plenty to keep children amused in the nearby playground if you go as a group one can stay in the queue whilst the others let off some steam.   There are also loos and various stalls for drinks etc too.

All in all I think it is cracking value for money and well worth a day trip if you are looking for something to do this half term.

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