I am dancing at the Comic Relief Danceathon for six hours. Help


Dancing Competition

On Saturday night Mr B and I had the honour of being invited to the Canvas Holidays 50th Anniversary ball in Edinburgh.  We were one of five couples invited along because we have a special connection to the company.  We even got mentioned in dispatches but Simon the MD before dinner which was hugely exciting, if ever so slightly embarrassing.

As the night wore on there was a ceilidh, which nearly killed me and I only took part in one dance.  Too much spinning, too long a dress, too high a heel, too much Pinot Grigio, it was all going to be a disaster if I did any more.   But then I couldn’t resist a bit of “Bringing Sexy Back” and “Mr Brightside”, two of my favourite songs to dance to and found myself once again on the dancefloor.

I think in all I managed an hour before declaring I had to sit down.

Which makes the idea now of me dancing for six hours at Wembley next month all the more terrifying.  Properly terrifying.  I am not sure I can even stand up for six hours, let alone dance.  I am going to need a serious sport bra for this one.  And snacks.  I need lots of flapjack.  And possibly the odd gin in a tin to celebrate the end of each hour.  And it is highly likely I will need a stretcher at the end of the six.

Why am I doing it?  I think you know the answer to that one.  For Comic Relief.   To raise money for people leading seriously tough lives, not just out in Africa where I have just come back from.  But also here in the UK.  Did you know that almost half the money raised by Comic Relief is used to fund projects on our doorstep?   None of us live more than 30km from a project supporting all manner of causes.    And I want to do something to help.

I have seen first hand the difference the money makes and I want to contribute to the #LastingChange we saw in Kenya this year, Tanzania last year and Ghana before that.  There are some personal stories here of people who have been helped in the UK, as well as Africa and I want to continue that support: Comic Relief, how we help

Which is why I am asking you for your help in sponsoring me.  Please.

if you know of a company that wants to sponsor me and have me shout about them on here or on Twitter or even on my left arse cheek of my trousers (for it is being streamed on the red button on Sky, yes dear reader, you will be able to watch along and join in on your very own sofa on March 8th) then do get in touch.

Mr B is doing it too so you can get a two for one deal.  Oh and so are the teens.   So as a family we have a huge fundraising target to achieve, but we are determined to do it.

With your help.

I will shut up now as I think you have got the message.   Suffice to say I love you and will continue to love you forever.    Oh and if you don’t sponsor me I might make you come to Wembley and dance with us for six hours so the choice is yours.

Photo of dancing competition courtesy of Shutterstock 

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