Camp Bestival we are ready for you

This is it.  The weekend I thought would never happen because I said I would never camp or go to a festival again.   Well they say never say never and now here we are.  <gulp>  Camp Bestival we are ready for you.

First off we have the essential charging kit which gets checked and double checked ahead of anything else:


Then of course comes the essential tea and coffee kit:


Followed closely by the “evening essentials” (paying close attention to the no glass rule with our sturdy plastic tumblers:


Thankfully we don’t need a tent or an air bed as we have splashed out and booked with Hotel Bell Tent.   Not only do they have tents already erected for you, but they have a “lounge tent” where you can chill out and charge your phones.  AND, get this, a pamper tent, with mirrors and hair dryers.   Now if that doesn’t have my name on it I dont know what does.

We still have loads of stuff to take though, folding chairs, camping stove, bacon and eggs (oh yes, look I even have this book) for breakfast


which means we need to carry it all to the campsite from the car.   Or not as it happens.  As Brandon Wagons asked me if I would be an ambassador for them and sent me one of their snazzy wagons that are just perfect for festivals.   It is now decorated with solar fairy lights and the leis we had for our recent Hawaiian party (all done by Jonnie and Ellie I might add).   Along with a coat of oil on the wood to make it slightly darker


Oh and finally we have our outfits for Saturday when the theme is “Circus”.  That outfit at the top is indeed what I shall be sporting.  Please note the crocheted beard courtesy of the amazing Emma Mitchell (Silverpebble2 on Twitter, do follow her, she is fabulous).    Every circus has to have a bearded lady, does it not?

We also have the following essential bits of kit:

  • A cooking stove and extra fuel
  • Utensils
  • Washing up bowl, liquid, a cloth and a tea towel
  • A torch
  • Bin bags
  • A spike to put our wet / muddy boots on so they can dry upside down
  • Wet wipes  and hand sanitiser
  • A 10L water carrier that can be hung up inside our tent
  • loo roll and all other toiletries
  • Lots of layers
  • A plastic backed picnic rug
  • Two folding chairs
  • Lots of snacks
  • Cash for all the food, drink and general things I am sure we have forgotten!

And then I think that is it.   Now all we need to do is look through the running order pick out all the things we will be doing over the next few days, which I will tell you about tomorrow as it all gets into full swing.

If you are at a loose end please do come along, it is shaping up to be one amazing weekend.

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  • This is just the list I needed! Having made a last minute decision to give it a go, we are going tomorrow. And I am so unprepared my brain is mush trying to think what we need! Luckily we keep all the camping gear together, but hadn’t thought of spikes for wellies! And I LOVE what you’ve done to the Brandon wagon – so cute! Will look out for you, bearded lady!

  • You must try Campers Cassoulet if it is in your CookBook, it is a fantastic 1 pot dish.
    We often have it at home.

  • SO JEALOUS!! Of Camp Bestival AND you’re amazing Bell Tent rental! We always looked at getting something like that at Glasto but the boy wouldn’t let me spend the money (damn him).

    Have an amazing time T and Brucey! Looking forward to all of the tipsy bearded snaps!

    • Tsk you could have joined us. Would have been lots of shuffling at bedtime to preserve modesty etc but loads of room.

  • I love the look of that wagon, and I’m super jealous of that swanky tent you’ll be in. I hope you’ve had an awesome time x