Sat Cap — July 26th

Woohoo. My turn to host SatCap again this week.

We decided to turn right out of the drive earlier this week rather than the usual left and see where the dirt track would lead us.

Boringly out on to the same main road we have been going up and down all week, just further down.   But not before we had driven past a derelict house.  Well two houses in fact.   We suspect they are part of a larger estate that is very well hidden by trees and were once lived in by woodsmen working the land.

In between the two houses though is this little building.

So let’s have your captions please.

Do go and have a look at other posts that link up and see if you can caption those too.


And next week it goes back to Sonya to host, so do hope over next Saturday and see what delight she has found for you to caption.

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