Cheesefoot Head


That sounds like a children’s word game or rather unfortunate medical condition.  Not a beauty spot that I ended up going to this week, almost by accident.   I had met Annie just up the road at Hinton Ampner for a couple of hours of nattering and photography and on the way there we had both spotted the sign to Cheesefoot Head.   So after our wander around Hinton (to follow on the blog soon) we decided we would go and explore on the way home.

What really grabbed our attention though was the view.

And the rapeseed flowers.

And just the sheer beauty of the English countryside on a sunny spring day.   And it got us talking.   That we should do this more often so we came up with a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and…. you know the rest.

WedsWanders has therefore been born.   A wander.   One a Wednesday.   I am taking Wednesdays off for the foreseeable future, grabbing my camera and heading out somewhere to take photos, get some fresh air and more importantly eat flap jack see some of the England on my doorstep.    Annie is going to join me and whilst we thought about calling it #TwoFriendsOneThermos we thought #WedsWanders would be more fun and that it would be even more fun if other people joined us.

So there you have it.   If you would like to join in with us one week, do give us a shout on Twitter, either @mummybarrow or @fableandfolk and we will tell you where we are going next week so you can see if it would work for you to join us.    It will very south-east England heavy as Annie is in the southern bit of Hampshire and I am in the top bit and we still have to do school runs so we can’t venture too far, but there is so much to see and do I am sure we will find more than enough to keep us going.

Next Wednesday we are going back to Hatchlands where I went last weekend as we want to see the bluebells in full bloom, so if you are near Guildford then do give us a shout and we can give you the details.  You don’t need to be a blogger, you just need to want to spend a couple of hours having a natter, taking a few pics maybe, and then having a cuppa.   You are welcome to bring little people if you have them, or a friend or two.    This isn’t about any set rules or must haves, it is just an excuse to catch up with friends each week and eating flapjack exploring a bit.

In the coming weeks we really fancy the rose garden at Mottisfont, and the walled garden at the Vyne but we are totally open to other ideas and suggestions.  Not just for gardens or National Trust type places.  If you know of a gorgeous village with lots of flapjack pretty things to photograph we would love to go there too.    Or ruins.   I really fancy trying some black and white photography at some ruins or derelict buildings.   If you know of some, please let me know.

Any ideas for a place to wander, drop me an email on tanya @ mummybarrow dot com and we will add it to the list!

That out of the way, this are some pics from our first #WedsWanders near Cheesefoot Head.  I mean, seriously, how stunning is this?  As I said on Instagram, we went to Holland last year so I could photograph flowers in rows, when I had no idea I could drive 40 minutes down the road and do this:


Cheesefoot Head View

Cheesefoot Head


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  • I think the Old Ruins that I used to know in the South have all died – worn out by stress, worry and eating flapjack.
    RIP my friends, RIP.