Turner’s skies

Turner Contemporary

I must admit I wasn’t really “that” aware of there being such a thing as “Turner’s Skies” until I started doing some digging ahead of our weekend in Margate.   The more I looked into though the more I realised that the sky and the landscape in that part of Kent really played a huge role in shaping Turner’s paintings.

Margate Harbour

And now having been there it is easy to see why.

There is something about the sky at the seaside, when it is blue it is the most magical blue you can imagine and we were blessed with the most glorious weather on Sunday.   The blue sky was stunning, not a cloud in sight.

Blossom in Margate

The Isle of Thanet on which Margate is situated, has water on three sides.   This creates the most extraordinary light.  The kind of light had I have never really seen before but was determined to capture this weekend.   As I sort through the places we visited and the hundreds of photos I have taken I just wanted to share some of these with you first.

Margate Town

Down on the harbour on Saturday it had been cloudy but that didn’t matter.  It clearly hadn’t mattered to JMW Turner so it was going to matter to the likes of us.

Harbour Arm

Light is therefore colour — J.M.W. Turner

It is reputed the Turner’s last words were

The Sun is God

Margate Sunset


Baileys Sunset

Margate Sunset1

Margate Sunset

And this final pic might just be my favourite



There will be more posts to come this week from our weekend with Visit Kent and Visit England, I can’t wait to share them with you


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