Children’s Book Week

I have talked before about my love of books.   And how as I child I loved curling up and reading.  In fact I still do.   So when I was asked by Tots100 if I would like to take part in a challenge to recreate my favourite quote from a children’s book, I was all in.    Even when I then heard that it was in conjunction with Heinz and had to be written in Alphabetti Spaghetti

Well you know me, I like a challenge.

I picked my quote

And then spent an hour elbow deep in tomato sauce trying to find all the right letters.

I love that quote, it pretty much sums up Winnie the Pooh to me.   He is the perfect companion for Christopher Robin.  I wish all friendships and relationships could be as loving as theirs, don’t you?

The trouble is I failed in my finding of all the right letters so ended up with this:

Children's Book Week

which is actually my all time favourite Winnie the Pooh quote and he says it in most of the books.   Winnie the Pooh is always getting into scrapes, what with big tummies getting stuck in holes.  chased by bees, floating away with balloons.   I see alot of myself in Winnie the Pooh you know.

And I think this is probably the wisest thing anybody has ever said:

If you want to get involved with Tots100 and the competition to win a year’s supply of Heinz pasta and £250 worth of book vouchers just click on this link:  Children’s Book Week for all the info and closing date etc.



This post has been written in partnership with Heinz

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