The Gallery — Younger Me

oh yes people.  Look at that.

On the Gallery this week the theme is one that means there is no escaping a picture of me.   A younger me.   That picture was taken on 22nd November 1998 (not that I have a phenomenal memory, it is date stamped in the left hand bottom corner).    E is a week old.   J is three, and C is 4.   And me?  Well let’s say I am old enough to know better than thinking that nylon shirt and woolly jumper were a good combo.  But most of my clothes were still in a container mid ocean somewhere.  Mind you, I have no idea why they got packed in a suitcase and not in a container.

We were living in a rented house in Bracknell, known as Mr Richard’s.   Having arrived back from Saudi three months before.   I had been there for six years, newly married and returned with two children and heavily pregnant with number three.  In fact it was 22 years next week that I left for the middle eastern adventure, aged just 22.   I am not quite 30 in that picture, and look about 50.  I felt 90 having just had a C section!

But there you have it.  Not just a younger me but younger teens too.  Who are going to kill me.  Sorry kids.   It seems hard to believe when I look at these pics that C is now running her own home and living with D, J has just left college after doing his A levels and starts a job next week, and E was down the front of an Aerosmith gig on Saturday night.

Bloody hell I feel old.

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  • Oh my gosh, that is a perfect picture of the real face of motherhood!
    Apart from the jumper/shirt combo, obviously

    • You can almost hear me saying “hurry up and take the damned picture, this baby is screaming”

  • Seriously T, you don’t look any different now! Apart from the nylon shirt and woolly cardi combo 😉

    • She is going to kill me later, isnt she? You of course look gorgeous. And Jonnie just looks cheeky. Though he is going to give me that look of “FFS mother” when he appears later.

  • I so think you have matured like a fine wine my lovely and i have to say .. *scuttles off to hide* your dress sense is far more fashionable today than in the past .. sorry x

  • brilliant photo of young motherhood! love the little cheeky faces and aren’t babies always hungry xxx

  • Forced grin? You look super happy though, surrounded by your little people.

  • Funny how the time goes, it feels like yesterday and forever ago and a different world all at the same time.

  • What an utterly adorable picture. The perfect family shot, I think and you, my lovely, look younger now than you did back then. Care to share your secret? 😉

  • A week old baby – at least you got out of your PJ’s 😉 Lovely pic of you and your babies x