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We were thrilled to be invited to spend a weekend at Trevella Park in Cornwall.   I have never stayed in a caravan park in the UK before so this was going to be an adventure.    And as much as I fancied a teepee I also wanted my own loo so plumped for a “holiday home”.

We arrived at 11pm and as promised we were in our home within minutes of arriving.    First thoughts were that it was huge!

Lounge and seperate dining area and the kitchen boasted a full size oven.   I have to use the word “boast” as it is Estate Agent speak for “has”.   Has is never enough, it has to be “boasts”.    There was also everything from a tea strainer to microwave.    You could definitely cook for a family here if you were staying for a week or more.

Loads of storage too, above beds, around the TV, in the hall way, in the shower room.    Everywhere in fact.   Plenty of places to hide stuff away so you dont feel you are on top of everything and everybody all the time.

There was loads of space around the holiday homes, too.  Even with a car next to each one there was plenty of space and you didn’t feel “hemmed in”, or overlooked.

All the beds were made up ready for us to fall into, which after a four hour journey on a Friday night after a day at work was much appreciated!

We suspected we didn’t have any hot water and not wishing to bugger up the boiler (technical property term) I went off to reception on Saturday morning to ask about whether we were doing something wrong.   Within ten minutes a very friendly maintenance chap was wheeling in a new gas bottle and we instantly had hot water.

It also gave me a chance to nose around the shop.   Looked as though it stocked everything from new sleeping bags and Caravan Weekly to fresh bacon and olive oil.   With a whole section of colouring books and toys to keep kids amused on a rainy afternoon.

And no self respecting camp site would be complete without a launderette.   This one looked fabulous and even had an iron and ironing board.   Though as somebody who never uses one at home Mr B was at a loss as to why you want to use one on holiday.

Nor would it be without a games room.   Snooker table / driving games / slot machines are all there.  And also a “Pet’s Corner” with a rabbit and birds.  And an owl.   Which actually made me a bit sad though he didnt look sad at all.   I am saying “he” I don’t know if he was a “she”.   How do you sex an owl?  Don’t answer that.

We were a bit disappointed that the pool was out of commission, though as it was early in the season we could understand that as it is outdoor (though heated).    No point going to the expense of heating it whilst the site is quiet but there was nothing on the website or anywhere else to say it was not open so had we been looking forward to swimming we might have been a tad miffed.    It was all fenced off so very secure if we had small people with us and were worried about them running around the site.

Plus a restuarant open for breakfast and dinner.   You really could come away to this site and not feel you had to break out everyday.   You could have a great time on site if you had young children and didn’t want the expense of endless attractions, gift shops and ice creams.

Everywhere was immaculately looked after, grass all cut, flower beds weeded etc and spotlessly clean.

I must admit that I did laugh (and Trevella I am really sorry about this) about the “multi channel TV room”.   It’s my own fault.   I thought it might be a great place for Mr B to go and watch the FA Cup on Saturday afternoon.   Full of men all doing the same thing, maybe a bar (I had taken a case of beer as back up) with sofas and a wide screen TV.   Somwhere all the testorone filled people could go and chill out.

Not quite.    And I am sorry but had to photograph this (and I will burn in hell for being so cheeky)

So we didnt watch the FA Cup in here (thought there were lots of chairs all stacked up neatly) but went back and watched it on the sofa with our own beer stash.

There was a fab pack of information on local attractions waiting for us (along with a whole host of other leaflets and bus timetables etc at Reception), including lots of discount vouchers so you when you do decide you want to get out and about you can start planning your weekend the minute you arrive.

Or not.  You can sit around and drink tea and look at the sweeping fields beyond.

As a base for a holiday Trevella is just perfect.   A few miles from Newquay, and close to the main roads to Truro, St Austell and Bodmin.  As you drive around you will see that every other field appears to be a campsite but ignore all of those.   Stay here.     You can’t go wrong!



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