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Suffice to say it has been a bonkers week.   So much so that I haven’t time to even shave by the looks of the photo above.

The lack of a blog post since Sunday is the first clue that things are a bit out of sorts at Barrow Towers.   Unheard of in recent times for it to be so long between posts, and a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Mr B Sr (morning Sir, BEM).

It has been a crazy few months and I think I am just shattered and just needed to switch off a bit.   Like most of us bloggers, this blog is not my main job, I have one of those that is full time and at times more than full time.   When that is quiet during the day I can catch up on blog emails and writing posts, getting them scheduled and ready to go, but when that job is busy there is no time for blogging.  Which is when I do it at the weekends and sit at the kitchen table and work through emails, catch up on what needs to be done, what needs to be shared, comment on other blogs etc.   But when those weekends are busy with family and that thing called Christmas, well there is just no time for blogging at all and it gets dumped.

This week for whole country was back to school week, and back to work.   Mr B has been home for almost a fortnight so waving him off at 6am on Monday morning to head back to the office was not pleasant.  Jonnie was off to work too, Ellie off to a friend, I had seem Caity the day before and was missing not having had a chance to properly catch up and well Monday was a write off with work being so busy.   Monday night was Broadchurch (hello, how good is this new series?  I want Olivia Colman to be my new BFF).

Tuesday was both Jonnie and I having our cars serviced and MOT’ed which involved much shuffling and dropping off and then waiting for the dreaded phone calls with the final amounts.   At some point this had happened to one of my wheels:


which meant I needed not just a new tyre but also a new wheel.  Oh and new brake pads front and back.   Leaving my bill large enough to make me silently weep.

Though it did mean that yesterday my car was legal (and safe) to drive to two really exciting meetings.   The first at Mumsnet  (nobody mention green beakers) where we discussed Comic Relief and the Danceathon, all hugely exciting.   Before heading off to Comic Relief HQ to meet with Jen from Britmums to discuss more exciting Comic Relief projects and be let into the secrets of their campaign for 2015.   It is going to be huge.   There is so much to tell you that we are sworn to secrecy on, but for now obviously we can tell you about the Danceathon, and would love you to sign up.  Please come to Wembley on March 8th.   It is going to be amazing.   Instructors, celebs, 2000 people dancing for Comic Relief for six hours, trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

All the info you need is here: If you sign up PLEASE make sure you grab a Team Honk place, the password is Danceathon2015.   We really want to fill those 500 places.

I got home buzzing with all the info on what is going on and did a quick Google hangout with Annie and Penny to share all the news and bring them up to speed, at the same time as throwing dinner together as an old friend of Mr B’s was coming to stay at the last minute.  (having texted Jonnie from London to say “please can you go to Sainsburys and buy this……)

Only as I crawled into bed did I remember I hadn’t paid the congestion charge so it was bolt upright in bed to do it on my phone at 11.55pm and then falling asleep instantly, exhausted.

But today is a new day.   And when you see this on Instagram first thing in the morning (hover on the picture to play the video):  HONK IT OFF

There is only way way to reply:


I do hope your week has not been filled with as much craziness.   Here’s to normal service being resumed shortly.

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