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American Beauty

This is it, this is really happening then.   I mentioned late last year that I was going to kick off a film club on the blog (and blogged about it here:  Announcing the Film Club) in the hope I could see “must see” films that I haven’t seen but the rest of world have, or revisiting films that I adore and think others might not have seen such as Abigail’s Party.   Or maybe we could have a big love in and all watch something like Grease for umpteenth time and see if we can all watch at the same time and tweet along.

To be honest I haven’t really thought beyond that so far.

And that means I didn’t even get organised enough to buy the film that I promised a friend would be the first one (A western that I have now forgotten and need to search through my favourites on Twitter and find).

American Beauty is a film that is on our pile of DVDs at home but is one I haven’t seen, well not all the way through.   It received rave reviews when it was released in 1999.   It won five Oscars.

But does that make it any good?

I am going to watch it this week and will report back next Saturday when I announce the next film.

Watch American Beauty with me this week, write about it, and link up.   Or leave me a comment below if you watched it and either loved it or hated it.

If you do blog about it I have made a little badge on the right over there if you fancy using it, you don’t have to.

Leave me suggestions of films for the future too, I am now making a list.


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    • Hahaha…. I AM A DUCK. It is amazing how many people see my avatar and think otherwise so I changed my blog tagline as a joke and it has kind of stuck 🙂

  • Oooh! I’ll have to pop to the second hand gaming place tomorrow and hope they have it.I’ve watched once when it came out and vaguely remember the plot.

  • I’ve not seen this, but has been in the back of my mind as one of them films I should watch!

  • I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it! The first time I watched it was in Germany and I was totally baffled. I thought maybe I just hadn’t understood the language enough but when I watched it in English I found I was still pretty darn confused lol if you could explain what it’s all about, that would be great 😉

  • Ah crumbs, I’ve just seen this after a break for a Jan catch-up (and tax return!). Might be too late to blog about American Beauty (which I watched, years, ago, and loved) but I’m looking forward to finding out what your next pick is! Will we be able to make suggestions, in future weeks?