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Dating when you are older can be a bit of a minefield but really it shouldn’t be. Anyone of any age can, and should, try online dating if they are looking for a partner, or even just companionship. There really is no reason to be lonely when you are single and over 50.

When I got divorced twenty years ago I did wonder if I would ever meet anyone again, especially when I had three young children but I wasn’t single for long before I found Mr B. I actually wasn’t looking to meet somebody else that soon but fate had different ideas. We have, however, had lots of friends who have dated online. We’ve even attended one or two weddings of people who met online and it always makes me smile that they met through words initially rather than just on a drunken night out.

But where to start dating when you are over 50? Good question! Here are my five top tips

Avoid huge well known apps

I know, I know. I am sure some find success with the big boys, and far be it from me to tell you what to do, but I dont think alot of the people on the major apps are genuinely serious. And they are probably quite a lot younger. So you could already be looking for different things and that probably isn’t the best way to start. And quite quickly will be come disheartening. Smaller websites may well have moderators who can keep an eye on conversations too, which is always heartening.

Find local groups or websites.

Finding a local group of like minded people looking for companionship or love means if you do find somebody you like the look of you are close enough to meet up. There are lots aimed at older dating online and this means your chances of being able to take your friendship off line and into the real world is far greater!

Meet for coffee initally

Meeting for the first time in a coffee shop means you are only committing to an hour of time, and don’t have to make small talk over a whole meal. A coffee is always a good first date, and I like to think you can tell alot about a person by their choice of accompanying cake! Even the BBC said that online dating should be kept brief!

Do remember “safety first”

Always worth telling a friend where you are meeting, and who (and give your friend the person’s name and phone number too) you are meeting, and let your friend know you are home safely. They will probably be dying to hear all about your date too.

Have fun

Remember dating, no matter your age, should aways be fun. You don’t need to go into each date looking for the next person to settle down with and marry. You might find somebody who goes on to become a great friend, and what can be better than that?!

If you have any other tips for dating when you are older, do let me know as I would love to share them.

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