Lockdown Part 3, scene 2

Lockdown part 3, scene 2 and it is definitely quieter. We live on a fairly main road and I have started noticing that at night when we walk the dog we can often do a whole walk without seeing another car. It has been a good few months since that happened so I do think people are paying attention to this lockdown, even if the media would have us think otherwise.

That is of course except for the six people having a party 15 miles down the road in Basingstoke who answered the door to the police breaking up their party. They said they don’t watch the news so had no idea there was a global pandemic going on. How stupid do you have to be, or think police officers are, to come out with that garbage? Seriously, I do wonder how some people actually function in the real world.

The juggle of home schooling is happening for so many families right now and I continue to wonder how those families are doing it all. I take my hat off to you if that is you. And to Marcus Rashford who is the voice of reasoning this government also needs to keep listening to about school meals. Why there even needs to be a discussion about it all the time (and that in amongst it all we are now hearing there will be another battle to get Free School Meals over half term.

Some worldwide good news this week came in the guise of Donald Trump being impeached for a second time. I cant begin to understand the different House systems in the US or how any of this works but if it is upheld it means he won’t be able to run for President again in 2024 and that would be fantastic. One term, half the impeachments in US history. How on earth can he go to bed at night thinking he is second coming? Urrrrgh enough.

In properly good news my gorgeous mum in law has received her vaccination in Cheshire in a vaccination centre that was within walking distance so we are thrilled that Lady B has reached the front of the queue.

There are rumblings about how much longer lockdown is going to go on, but to be honest I just can’t see how we can think about lifting the restrictions yet. Daily confirmed cases are over 50,000 and the recorded death rate is hovering around 1000 and a person is admitted to hospital every 30 seconds. Personally, I have resigned myself to writing off the next couple of months and to being home until at least Easter. Weirdly it gives me some comfort, some feeling of control that I can decide what is happening.

Or not.

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