Dear David Beckham OBE

I love you.   Really I do.  Whenever I am in Alderley Edge I look at the end of the drive where you once lived and wish I had been in the area then.   In Marks and Spencers in Handforth I always keep an eye out for you.   Lady B tells me that she knows people who have seen you in there and that without exception you have always been lovely.

Yes, don’t get me wrong, I think you are lush.

However.   And don’t hate me for this.

I am not surprised that you have not been picked for the Olympic team.

There I have said it.

I don’t profess to know an awful lot about football but I do know it is a team sport.  And you haven’t played with any of the team members for a number of years.   Indeed you haven’t even played in this country for four years and that was a friendly.    Surely that is relevant.   Surely a team that has played together, even if only in part, is crucial.

And that all the focus would be on you.  If we won it wouldn’t be a team win, it would be a win for Becks.   That is not fair on all the other members of the team that will be working as equally hard.

You left for LA Galaxy years ago and have made no secret of the fact that you love the LA lifestyle and have no intention of moving back to the UK.    Surely you cannot expect to represent us at football then.

Yes you helped secure the Olympics in London, of that there is no doubt.   But that had more to do with Lord Coe than Stuart Pearce and I am sure there is no quid quo pro arrangement.    Or have I missed something and is Lord Coe going to be putting on his trainers again shortly?

I spend everyday arranging for people to move into houses, it doesnt mean I will get an invite to the housewarming party.

No, I am so sorry David but from a footballing point of view I am not surprised you are not on the team.


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  • Poor Becks-although you’ve made a great argument. I was sad when I first heard the news (from a purely selfish perspective of wanting to see him in his kit again) but at least I’ll always have the H&M shoot so all is well with the world.

    • Oh don’t get me wrong, I would have had a sudden fascination with football and insisted on watching every game had he been playing. I just think that from a “professional” perspective Stuart Pearce has made the decision for what appear to be the right reasons.

  • After watching Euro 2012 I think the inclusion of anyone – even the centre forward of the Andover 2nd XI – would be an improvement.
    DB would have unbalanced the team performance by introducing a bit of talent!
    Is that what we really need? We must maintain standards and follow the policy set by the non-selection of Rio Ferdinand.

  • You make some excellent points I hadn’t really thought of. I was gutted that he wasn’t selected, much in the same way I was gutted Rio wasn’t for Euro 2012.