I am a mum in London. I know how to have a good time, dammit

Picture the scene.   You are in a trendy hotel.   In a funky/buzzy part of London.   You have money in your pocket so you can do stuff.   You have no kids to sort out child care for.   You have no plans.  You don’t have to drive so you can drink.   The whole of London is at your disposal.  It is Saturday night.

So what would you do?

If you are SuperAmazingMum and I last Saturday you get your pjyamas on, order room service and climb into bed.   Not together…..  for goodness sake, what is the matter with you people this week?

8pm on Saturday night and that is where we were.   We had just got back to our hotel from the Britmums Live conference and quite frankly we were wrecked.   Totally wrecked.   We had been bombarded with information for two days and we were wired.   But totally wrecked at the same time.

Now SAM and I have only met once before.  For lunch.   But having Tweeted and read each other’s blogs for a long time we knew we got on well.    Our friendship is such that we feel totally comfortable with being totally honest about being wrecked.   In fact totally confident in knowing we could spend the weekend together and share a hotel room (and you are reading somebody who still locks the bathroom door to the en suite at home).

We weren’t kidding anybody.   We wanted cold fizz.   We wanted some trash TV and we wanted pyjamas.  And we wanted Twitter.

At one point I turned around to SAM and said “How fabulous is this?  I am not being rude but I have had my back to you for an hour and yet neither of us is in the slightest bit bothered”.

Probably best we gloss after the part where I was so relaxed that I burped mid sentence.   Nobody needs to hear about that.

Do you have a friendship with somebody that is so fabulous you can just be yourself.   In fact you can just be.

We had a conversation whilst walking to Sainsburys to get the fizz about “just being”.     About how great it is to just “be”.    How as mums so many of us last weekend were doing exactly that.

It was bliss.   One of the best weekends in London I have ever had.



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  • I’ll say this – you certainly know how to enjoy life! Dry Martini, cake and football on the telly! absolute bliss.