Dear parents with children home over the summer

school holidays

I see your Facebook posts or tweets where you are tearing  your hair out because you have children home over the summer holidays.   That was me a few years ago but my children are older now, can all drive, and only one is still in education.   So I have been there.   I have done summer holidays.  And Easter.   And Christmas.   And half terms.    I have done them as a stay at home and as a working mum.   As a married mum, and as a single mum.   Trust me when I say I know how hard it is and how shattered you are.

At one point I had 15 days annual leave and my children had fifteen weeks annual school holidays.   Juggling didn’t even come close.   My parents would take them to France for which I was always eternally grateful but they were also busy working so there was a constant juggling act for them too.

I am also seeing some of you seeming to beat yourselves up because you are “plonking them in front of the TV for the day”  or giving them the iPad.   Or signing them up for holiday clubs.    Do you know what?  Stop beating yourselves up.

Just stop.

This is not bad parenting.    There is nothing for you to feel guilty about for doing this.   Honestly, your kids will be fine and nothing awful will happen because you did it this way today.  Or tomorrow.  Or next week.    To either keep them occupied so you can work, or so you can have a day to yourself too.

Trust me.

 It is the holidays and the holidays are about doing what you want so do it.    You don’t need to apologise for doing whatever it takes to get you through the next six weeks.

They are also about siblings trying to kill each other because they don’t want to play nicely.  They are tired and cranky too probably so if that means an hour in front of the TV so you get an hour of peace and quiet to work or just have a cup of tea that is vaguely warm when you get to the bottom of it, then do it.

Whether that’s kids clubs, a day with granny, or the ipad and video games.    The summer holidays should be fun.   For everybody and they shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty on week two.

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  • I’m lucky as Amy’s kindergarten is only closed for Christmas and Easter but I’ve had her home for a week recently because they didn’t have enough staff and I work from home. I definitely wasn’t as productive as usual but I just tried to get the important stuff done when she was sleeping and it worked quite well x

    • I think that is the key isnt it? Do what works. And that is different for all of us. I just get sad when people feel guilty about doing that though. They shouldnt at all!

      Give Amy a squish from me.

  • Very wise words….My girls are 13 & 8 and I used to try and keep them busy with activities over the holidays and we used to wear our selves out….A bit of screen time really doesn’t hurt.

    • I think that is the problem isnt it? We feel we have to occupy them and it is just shattering. Rather than letting them get on with it or allowing the ipad. It really really doesnt hurt!