Dearest Lily — Life isn’t perfect

Dearest Lily

A beautiful life isn’t perfect, it’s the one you choose for yourself. Decide how you want to spend your time when you’re older, and do it. And with whom you want to share your time. Don’t waste time with people who don’t lift you up, who are hard work, or who drain your energy. We call them mood hoover, and seriously you really don’t need them in your life, no matter how much they try to tell you that they are your friend, that you need them.   Surround yourself with radiators.  With people who will support you, love you for who you are, lift you up and be there for you at 3am.

As babies we’re unapologetically us. We don’t care if you’re mid conversation when we are hungry, if you’re mid task but we need to be rocked to sleep for half an hour.   And you are certainly no exception to that, my darling.   If you want something then you let it be known that you want it now.   Hold on to that feeling, Lily.  Don’t ever stop knowing what you want and asking for it.  Please don;’t ever be afraid to ask for whatever it is you, or more importantly what you feel it is you deserve.

And never stop burping after a damn good meal.  And I’ll never stop cheering when you do it.

Love, Nanny

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