I have never lived by the sea but…

I’ve never lived by the sea but I’ve always been drawn to it and when I haven’t seen it, or listened to it, for a while I realise just how much I miss it. On Saturday we went to Selsey, just for a couple of hours, to wander, take photos and eat crab rolls on the beach. And to sit and watch the tide gently rolling in.

Or maybe it was going out. I never can tell. Either way as I stood with my back to land it really did feel as though all the worries and stresses of the past year were literally behind me. Focussing on looking forward, concentrating on the horizon for a short time made me feel so much better.

Or maybe it was making Boomerangs of seagulls walking on the beach that did that. Who knows.

Daily life is changing for everyone again it seems and with the seasons changing too I think we all need to start checking in with our own mental health. We need to acknowledge where we are at and be doing all we can to look after ourselves. It’s going to be a long winter and we need to be kind to ourselves if we’re going to be kind to others and look forward to 2021.

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