Do you wash your hair, the morning of your appointment at the hairdressers?

I seem to have sparked a bit of a debate on Twitter this morning with this@

Haircut at 9.30am.  Still have to shower and wash hair though.  Tell me that is perfectly sane.

I got inundated with responses.  More than I have received for any other question on Twitter recently.

90% of the responses told me I was sane and that this was perfectly acceptable.

Two ladies told me I was crazy and should use the time to have another cup of tea.  As much as I love both those ladies, they are both barking mad, clearly.

One bloke told me that he had it on good authority a bloke in a pub told him that actually you should cut hair that is dirty as it is easy to cut.    If that is the case why do we always have our hair washed?  Twice.   Conditioner applied and our scalps massaged.   Answer me that.

No, I am sorry there is no way that I am walking into the hairdressers with dirty hair.    That would have meant leaving the house and doing the school run AND driving into Fleet, parking my car and walking to the salon, with “bed head”.   What if  I ran into somebody I know and they stopped to chat?  What if I got hit by a bus?   No, I am sorry that is not a risk I am prepared to take.

Two other responses were “If I had a cleaning lady I would clean before she arrived”.   Check.  Have done that in the past.

And “It is no different from cleaning your teeth before going to the dentist”.   Exactly.

So the jury is in.  I am not as insane as I thought.

What do you do though?

Hair appointment at 9.30am…. wash first or bed head?


This is my Day 4 entry into NaBloPoMo where I have committed to blog everyday for the month of November

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  • Have to say, I wash my hair every other day, so I usually work it out so I’m having my hair cut on a wash day so I don’t have to wash it on the day. But when I had shorter hair as washed it every day, I always did as I usually was having it cut after work. I am Totally with you on the cleaning before the cleaning lady comes, though!

  • It depends a bit…if I washed my hair the day before and I have a reasonable look going on then I will just rinse it. I tend to wash my hair every day though so it’s never very DIRTY and I don’t tend to get “bed head” unless I go to bed with wet hair. A very interesting question though.

    My mom used to clean the house (not polish but mega-tidy) before the cleaning lady came which I found ridiculous but she was just putting away things that the cleaning lady wouldn’t know where to put.

    We’re all quirky…:)

  • My neighbour is a hairdresser and hates it when people come in with too clean hair, especially if she is doing colours or highlights.

    Obviously I don’t think they’d like to have to wash filthy hair but it can be left a day or two before you go.

  • There is not point in washing your hair just before you go to and get it cut. As you have said you wash it then they wash it as well. Yes make your hair look presentable so your not walking round with ‘bed head’ but no need to wash it!

    You ladies are just nuts if you ask me.

  • Noooooooo! Going to the hairdressers is, quite sadly, a big treat for me! It is my time away from the house and kids and I do not wash my hair before going as I want maximum transformation effect to occur. Don’t get me wrong I won’t turn up looking like a tramp but I cannot be bothered to wash and style it when it’s going to be washed again anyway! Also my hair takes an age to wash and dry etc so any excuse not to.
    x x

  • Depends on your hairstyle, if you can put it into a bobble then you are daft to wash before you go. If you really would have to walk through town looking like a fright, then wash first.

    I don’t have the problem as my lovely friend cuts my hair and she comes to the house.

  • I do not wash my hair before I go to the hairdresser. I also have very short hair so bed head is not really an issue.

  • I wouldn’t was my hair before getting my hair cut becuase I have it washed before its cut. however, I would probably clean up a bit if I had a cleaner coming to my house!!