Doing stuff as a family

I have vowed this summer that we will do more stuff as a family.   Which might sound easy but believe me, it is not.

C is between jobs in a sector that is very much shift driven so is not on a Monday to Friday, or 9 to 5 cycle.    J is still at boarding school from Monday morning to Saturday lunch time, with mates in London and universities to visit.   And E is at home.   Mr B is working fourteen hour days and now has to be available at weekends occasionally.   And I am stuck at home for what feels like 100% of the week and get cell fever.

So I am plotting days out in order to “do things”.

This Saturday we are off to Thorpe Park.   Can you believe I have lived within 20 miles of it on and off for 20 years but have never been?  Madness.   But I am clueless about it.   What do I need to know?!

I am a complete scaredy cat when it comes to roller coasters and the thought of the one that now goes backwards is filling me with dread.  I don’t do rollercoasters.  And looking at that website is not helping me.   They all have really scary names like Saw / Colossus / Nemesis Inferno / Stealth / The Swarm.   Quite frankly I am terrified of all of them.

And not just that, I am already worrying about being strapped in and maybe my boobs won’t fit.  And what do I do with the bags and coats?  And what if my phone drops out of my pocket?  And what if I feel sick half way round?   That Tidal Wave ride is going to have us drenched.  What if my camera gets wet?  Or my hair?

And if that wasn’t bad enough we also have a trip to London Dungeon next month.   I can’t believe I have agreed to that one.   I am going to be terrified.

What on earth am I letting myself in for, dear reader!

I tell you what I am letting myself in for eventually, Cadbury’s World to reward myself for two scary days out.  Well it seems only fair doesn’t it?


for the avoidance of doubt, this is NOT a sponsored post.  I have not been asked to write it and nor have I been paid to do so.   I was asked if I would like to go to Thorpe Park with the cost of the tickets being covered in exchange for a review post that will go live after the event.   I wrote this simply because I am terrified about going and DO want to spend more time with my family.

Just so we are all clear.

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  • I am not a huge fan of rollercoasters either, but have been recently so hopefully can help.

    1. They have little cubbyholes for bags, phones, shoes etc next to the ride so they don’t fall out on the ride.
    2. Saw looks like THE most terrifying ride but is one I actually enjoyed the most.
    3. Tidal wave is only one to go on at the end if you don’t mind being soggy for the journey home. I got drenched. Ponchos offer no protection…

  • Heheh! I am so coming down there to watch you get off that water ride! GG came off it looking like a drowned rat. A very happy drowned rat! Wear plastic 😉

  • You are VERY brave!
    I managed the gravity ride a few years ago at the Greenwood Centre – remember? – but I only did it twice!
    People who say they actually enjoy rides like the “Big One” at Blackpool Pleasure Beach are either very brave or slightly loopy; if I were to try it it would be to lose weight rapidly.
    Rather you than me Mrs B; All the best !!

  • Have fun! My husband and I are big rollercoaster fans and can’t wait until we can take our children properly. One thing though – don’t take ponchos (I mean, the whole point of a water ride is that you get wet, isn’t it?)