How to dress for the summer season

With June 1st comes the realisation that the summer is finally here.    And with it come the invites to summer weddings and balls, and the looming large of sporting events in the calendar.  All of which need a go to killer outfit.     If you have to buy an outfit for every event it can get pricey so a few years ago I made the decision to buy one outfit each year that I could then adapt.  Either by adding a scarf, or a jacket, but that in essence would get me through the summer without having to worry about what to wear.

I first did it a couple of years ago when we went to a garden party at Buckingham Palace.  There was a relatively strict dress code so I had to buy a new outfit, but didn’t want something that was only going to be appropriate for that one event.  After all, there aren’t many of us that can say tea with Her Majesty is a regular occurrence!   Mind you, the dress code for that event isn’t nearly as strict as the dress code for the Royal Enclosure at Ascot, which also happens this month!

This year we do have some events that mean I need another outfit so I have been trawling the web trying to find something that doesn’t break the bank but will see me through a couple of weddings, and Henley Regatta at the end of the month.     I came across David Nieper, a company based in Derbyshire who also ensure that all of their products are made here in the UK.

The have everything from dresses, to jackets, to accessories so in just a few clicks you can have an outfit in your basket and it’s delivered just a couple of days later.

The outfit in the picture above is what I chose for my “Summer of 2017” look (though the hat is not from them).   A dress that covers the shoulders and looks pretty comfy to me (and fulfills my criteria of “I want to be able to put it on and forget about it”) along with a jacket for when the sun goes in.   This is England after all and as much as we want to think of it as Flaming June, we all know there are far too many “flaming heck” afternoons!

I think dresses are perfect for the summer, you can put them on and they are comfy all day, and don’t need to be fiddled with.  The perfect thing to way for a day time event but with different shoes or jackets can be worn time and time again without anyone ever saying “Is that the only outfit she has in her wardrobe?”

I have also added a hat, because, well because if you don’t wear a hat to some of these summer events, when will you?!  I love a good hat, there is something so very British about them isn’t there?  I think there is more coverage of outfits and hats in the press around Royal Ascot than there is about the horses!  They top off any outfit (and hide a bad hair day) and keep the sun off your face and shoulders too.

Though you might want to rethink the hat if you are lucky enough to be at Wimbledon this year!



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