Gin of the month — June — Manchester Three Rivers gin


I was actually planning on talking about gin made in Manchester last week, after we spent the weekend there for BlogOn and Mr B’s birthday but I didn’t get around to finishing the post and then, well, world events overtook us all and writing about Manchester gin somehow didn’t feel appropriate.     The original post was based on the fact I now buy gin as a souvenir, much like you might buy a fridge magnet, I now buy a bottle of gin to remind me of a weekend away.    The post is parked and might see the light of day later this month when we celebrate World Gin Day on June 10th but today it is all about Manchester gin.

And especially the Manchester Three Rivers gin.   Made in the City of Manchester Distillery it is the city centre’s first distillery, as well as producing and selling gin on site there is also an interactive gin experience.  That sounds like my kind of afternoon, especially as it means you can make your own bottle of gin!

Manchester Three Rivers Gin is produced by hand in small batches by master distiller Dave Rigby using our 450litre custom made copper pot still “Angel” made by one of the world’s finest manufacturers of distillation equipment,  Arnold Holstein.

Having spent a lifetime in the city learning, absorbing, being inspired by everything from the architecture to the museums, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and most importantly people; our Master Distiller Dave Rigby made the conscious decision to create a drink that was as well rounded and distinct as the city itself. But more than that, to create a space, a place where people could come and share in his passion for processes, industry and a damn fine Martini!

 It is my “Gin of the Month” for June because it is light and fresh and works really well as a refreshing long drink on a hot day.   There is a sweetness to it that I love with lemonade and a big slice of lemon.  Eleven botanicals make up this gin’s flavour, including oats which I don’t think I have come across in a gin before.  All in all this is firmly on the favourites shelf.

And for the month of June it is also “Gin of the Month” at the Gin Parlour, the gorgeous company, based in Manchester where I buy any gin that is not a souvenir.  You may remember back in December they helped me do Ginmas and are just the loveliest people to do business with, what they don’t know about gin isn’t worth knowing (and tonic, or my word the range of tonics they sell is astonishing).   As the company is based in Manchester, and is the city Adam, the co-founder, calls home,  wanted to do something to help, as we all did, so he has decided that all profits from the sale of this gin in June will go to the MEN fund for the victims.

If you are thinking of buying a bottle of gin this month, can I really suggest you make it this one?  Not just a great gin that won’t disappoint but also for a very worthwhile cause.

And I say “Cheers” to that.


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