Ending the year on a high

Like so many blog posts I write the post you are reading is not the one I planned.   Today’s post was going to be a look back at the year to see just what BB Towers had been up to.  Holding the FA Cup in our lounge (no you shut up, we so did) / a trip to Tanzania / Mr B putting up with me saying “we are doing this next weekend” and doing all the driving without complaining /  C moving house and showing her ex landlord that her and her boyfriend would not be bullied / J doing his A levels and starting his first job / E getting a scholarship / Team Honk raising over £30,000 for Comic Relief.  I could go on.  There are so many moments that I can look back on and say “I am proud of that”.

But screeching in at the last minute this year is something that makes me incredibly proud.   It started as a secret divulged just ahead of official announcement.  Another #SecretThing but this time involving Mr Barrow Sr, or Hopalong as you may have seen in the comments on this blog.   James Barrow Esq was to receive a British Empire Medal in the New Year’s Honours list and become James Barrow BEM.   Awarded for services to hockey over the past sixty odd years, and in particular for helping turn around Wilmslow Hockey Club into a club to be reckoned with.

Both my inlaws, work tirelessly for various charities and helping other people and for Jim to be recognised in this way is so lovely.   I know these sorts of awards don’t mean anything to some people but to those that have been nominated by their peers and had those efforts recognised it is a heart warming moment.  And one to be cherished and acknowledged.

I noticed as I went to bed last night that there was a link to the full listing of awards on the Guardian on Twitter so I clicked on the link and found the official proof, knowing it was then safe to tell the world:


I remember vividly having a conversation with Rog (Mr B’s older brother who sadly died a few years ago)  about how we should look into getting a nomination in and I also remember Googling how to do it.  Then, like so many things, we didn’t do anything about it, other things happened and then, well, it didn’t happen.   Yet actually it did, just instigated by somebody else having the same thought.   Other members of the Hockey Club made it happen and I like to think that maybe Rog is thinking “about bloody time”.


And today the news is in the local paper, along with a photograph that I just love.  That smile says it all, doesn’t it?


So a big congratulations from us all Hopalong BEM.  And here’s to dinner after your Buckingham Palace garden party in June.

Just enough time for me to teach you how to take a selfie with Her Majesty so I can use it on here.

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  • What an honour indeed, and I LOVE the fact that above him is a Mrs Barnacle getting an award for services to sailing. Marvellous 🙂

  • Crikey!

    I think I’m going back to bed!

    Seriously though, I’ve enjoyed all the hockey-related activity over the last 65+ years. I’ve had setbacks and victories of course but I’ve had a target in mind all the way and I think I almost got the “Bulls Eye”.
    I’ve had so much help on the way and the odd bit of luck but we’re not far from my ultimate goal – no pun intended.

    I must thank those who [surreptitiously] put my name forward for consideration and I should correct one error in the local feature: I did not obtain the lottery grant – credit must go to our good friend [and
    Hon. Life Member] Ray Simcock.

    Thankyou to all!

  • Splendid news for the Barrow Clan and very well deserved from the sounds of it Mr Barrow Snr BEM. Hope you have doubled the Champagne intake 🙂

  • What fantastic news, and so well deserved by the sounds of it. No wonder you are so proud!!

    A few years back my dad was awarded for exemplary service in the prison service for over 25 years. It wasn’t a big award at the Palace, and hardly anyone knew about it, but we were all still so proud of him. You are, aren’t you, when someone’s hard work and dedication is acknowledged in this way?

    Enjoy the celebrations… What a way to end the year!!

  • Wow, this is a fabulous start to 2015! Huge congratulations to Mr Barrow Snr for being recognised for all his hard work.