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Late last year I happened to mention that I had never seen Rita, Sue and Bob Too.    What turns out to be an  iconic film.   When I mentioned this fact on Twitter people were amazed I hadn’t seen it and raved about how fantastic it was.   One lovely friend then sent me a copy of it to prove just how magnificent it was.

This sparked a big Twitter and Facebook discussion about films that are “must see” and whether they are rated or dated.   I must admit that I am in two minds about RS&B as whilst it reminds me of being 15 in 1984 the theme of married man chasing school girls makes me very uncomfortable.  That said, it IS a great film.   Capturing brilliantly the mid 1980s.

I happened to mention that there are so many films I haven’t seen, a fact that drives Mr B mad, that I decided to launch a blog film club.   My thinking is that it will work like this:

Every Saturday I will announce a film that I will watch during the following week, in the hope that other people will watch it with me, either for the first time, or again if it is a favourite.   Having watched it, the next Saturday when I announce the next film I will also do a review of that week’s film.  What I liked or didn’t like.   Whether I would watch it again.   Who was in it.   What other films it reminded me about.   If we had any snacks with it (film snacks are very important).

The hope is that it will spark some discussion on Twitter and Facebook when I announce it “oohh I hated that” / “best thing she ever did”  / “oh if you like that you must watch….. ” type of thing.    And maybe get people watching films they have loved in the past for the second time, or maybe something they missed when it came out at the cinema last year and had forgotten about.

Maybe even write a blog post about it themselves, or leave me a comment below my review.

At the end of the year I will have watched 50 odd films that I haven’t seen before or have fallen in love with again.

And maybe you would have done the same.

It might also be fun to watch some of them all at the same time and then I might live blog it, or people might live tweet them, who knows.   I would just like to get back into the habit of watching films and finding some that I haven’t watched before.

Like a Bond.

Any of the Godfather films.

Star Wars.

I could go on.

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  • What a fab idea! Yes I totally had that nagging sense of discomfort part re-watching RS&B2 (gosh probably easier just typing the darn title out), it’s all just a little bit more than wrong isn’t it? But that happens with a lot of old films, censorship just ain’t what it used to be and I do think we’re all just that bit more politically correct/hypersensitive about stuff… probably with good reason. We’re total movie buffs at ours and I actually started putting together 50 fave family films for a post and have wound up with more than 100 choices. Can’t wait to see what you watch first… and really no Bond? Star Wars? Seriously???!!!