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My Perfect Shed

I don’t mean like Shirley Valentine and running away to some far flung island, but just trying to escape stuff generally.   My head is a mess.  Not in a bad way.  Just in a chaotic way.   I don’t do well around chaos, I need order.  And peace.  Maybe because I am only child, I don’t know but I don’t do well over prolonged periods of noise and general stuff going on.

I am rambling and that is probably a sign of how my head feels.   We got back from Barbados and then pretty much went off to Camp Bestival.  The suitcases still sit on the bedroom floor where we dumped them a week ago.  Blimey was it only a week ago that we came back?  It feels like much longer.   And if I am honest it doesnt feel like we ever went away.  I don’t feel like I have just had two weeks in the Caribbean.   I feel like I need a holiday.   Which is mad, I know that.

But then it isnt really a holiday that I need it is time.  I need time to sort the house out as it is a mess.   There isn’t a room that doesn’t need sorting out.  There are piles of dirty washing in front of the washing machine and piles of clean ones in the kitchen.  On the spare bed.  On the ironing board.   Hanging over the banister.

I could go on but you don’t need to hear about my failings as a domestic goddess.  Though if you have any tips for how I can have a full time job, a full time blog and run a five bedroom, four bathroom house I would love to hear from you.

What I need to be able to do is escape.  Escape the chaos in the house and have some time out from it.   Maybe it is because I work from home that I feel I am always here and always surrounded by it.   And that I need to run away from it for a little while.    If our bathroom wasn’t such a disaster I would go and lie in the bath I suppose.  But we have a two person bath (it was here when we moved in) that is impossible to lie in so I have to make do with lying in the bath in hotels.

So when I saw that Tiger Sheds were asking bloggers to come up with their ideal shed it gave me a perfect excuse to spend an hour on Pinterest designing my perfect shed.  A “She Shed”  or She’d .   A place for me to get away from the house without actually leaving the house behind.   Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to leave my family behind, I would encourage them to come with me to my little oasis in the garden.

With solar lights, a day bed covered in cushions.  A tea machine.  Of course.   Piles of books and magazines that I never normally have time to read.   Stacked up on an old sewing machine table to give the room that rustic vibe.    A big fluffy wool rug to keep feet warm.  A huge blanket to curl up in.    And a log burning stove.  I know that is totally impractical in a shed.  But this shed is in my head and so it works, all right?


Simple.  Yet warm and friendly.  Much like myself.   Somewhere I can escape to for an hour on a Saturday afternoon when Mr B is playing golf, with a mug of tea.    Or where he can come and join me after work during the week with a glass of wine.   When we can put the day’s troubles behind us.

See, my head feels clearer already.

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  • Shangri la.
    You’ll need a ‘phone, wi-fi connection, piped water,a cess-pit, electricity and a fridge.
    Leave the TV and radio in the house.
    Have milk delivered direct.

  • I’m so with you on needing a place of calm – I think I could live in your dream shed! Good luck 🙂