The Shere Hill Climb Event


Shere Hill Climb

If there is one thing the boys in my family love, it is cars.  There is little that Jonnie and my dad don’t know about classic cars.  The Jaguar above belongs to my folks and I could write a book on the travels it has done with them, including London to Sydney, Panama to Alaska and various trips around Europe.

Before Jonnie had passed his driving test at 17 he had driven more “Super Cars” then most grown men.   Starting with my dad’s Jaguar XKR when he was only 12.     He will kill me for sharing this (though it was put on Youtube at the time).

A car that later went on to to star in Episodes when Matt Le Blanc drove it, and crashed it with some help of CGI.  It was chosen because the car was in the UK and a left hand drive (since the scene was meant to be happening in LA).   Cars really are my dad’s thing and they recently moved house so they could keep their two classic cars on site rather than in secure storage.    That’s not to say they don’t drive them, oh no, they are not kept under wraps and only driven on Sundays.  As Jonnie discovered on Instagram recently when he put #DB6 into the search bar and this came up


My parent’s car in a London car park.

Followed by this one, taken in a Tesco petrol station


Seems my parents having this car is better then any other tracking device!

And proof that cars are a real thing in our family.  Which is why when I heard recently about the Shere Hill Climb I was keen to go along and drool over the cars taking apart.   In fact I am kicking myself for not knowing about it sooner so my parents could enter.

The event is taking place on 6th September 2015 in Staple Lane, in the beautiful Surrey Hills near Guildford. The lane is a public road which, will be closed to all other traffic for the day.  135 cars will take part, starting at 9.30pm and finishing at 5.30pm they all get to do the climb three times.

There is also a whole load of other stuff happening alongside it to keep the whole family entertained.

Fancy coming along for the day?  All the info on tickets is available on line and by buying in advance you are guaranteed entry and get a prime parking spot in the paddock.

It promises to be a fabulous day out and I can’t wait to get up close to some gorgeous cars with my camera.

Come along and join us?

Do you think anybody would notice if I borrowed one of these cars and tagged along at the back?  I always said I should have been a racing driver.

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