Explanations on a postcard please

You know sometimes you see something and you think “er, what?”   or even “how on earth?”

Well I do that every time I see this.   So much so that this time we stopped to take a pic of it so I could capture it and ask your opinion of how this has come about:

What was it?

Where is the rest of it?

Was it built there?

Did it float there?

How do you even reach that bottom step?

Questions questions questions.

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  • It’s a second world war ‘pillbox’. It’s on Margate beach and was originally designed as a defence against German sea invasion. Only 2m tall personnel were billeted there, hence no need for a bottom step. Now it is rented out by Margate council as a Beach hut, but there is a waiting list. The Palm tree is the result of Global warming and of course was not there during the war. Hope this helps.

  • Margate?
    It looks more like the sentry box that used to stand at the entrance to Narvik harbour in Norway; the palm tree is in a bucket and was left as a marker by British troops during a raid in the early 1940s.

  • right, okay.

    so now can you both please explain how it got to Barbados?

    I suspect you are both winding me but since I don’t know what day of the week it is and I am on strong anti bionics it is hard to tell.

  • No, I agree, it’s not fair!
    It was built when Cattlewash Bay was used for scrubbing cows prior to them going to market in Bridgetown and it was where the soap and brushes were kept overnight and at weekend. I believe the bottom step was stolen during Mardi Gras in 1936.

  • I was always told it was used for filming Bold and the Beautiful or Days of Our Lives. We always go out to Bathsheba specifically to look at that building as I really like it.