I love fireworks.   I mean properly love them.   We had fireworks set to music at our wedding (Hard-Fi’s “Something for the Weekend” since you asked) and the budget for it was three times my dress budget.   THAT is how much we love fireworks.   Our summer holiday to France this year was timed to ensure we would be there for Bastille Day because every town has a firework display, and you can basically just rock up and watch it for free.

Which is exactly what we did in Le Blanc with pizzas and beers in the town square and then a twenty minute display with a castle and river backdrop.   It was truly magnifique.   It was a great way to kick off our holiday.

Not all of my family though share my love.   We had a bit of an incident with some cheap fireworks when Jonnie was little and one landed in his lap, badly burning his thigh.   He was only 3 and whilst he doesn’t really have a problem with them, the incident left his big sister with a real fear of them.   Seeing his pyjamas melt onto his leg left her with more of a scar than his physical one.   And left me with a massive wake up call on the safety of fireworks and ensuring we only use those from reputable companies.

Like Fireworks Direct who offered to send me some fireworks to help celebrate my birthday last month.  A real “squeal” moment.   Not only do they have a Fireworks Safety policy on their website but also clearly defined sections such as “quiet fireworks” or just “wheels” . We always go for single ignition fireworks when we do displays at home because they are just so much easier to light.   One fuse but lots of fireworks going off in a mini display rather than one person, in the dark, having to light lots of individual fuses.

Things like the Party in a Box and Thunderstorm, both of which retail around the £30 point.    We had five of these and they were all fabulous.  Lots of bursts of colour and larger “bangs” to smaller “whizzes”.    And a multitude of “ooohhhhs” that just kept going.   Truly great value for money.  You could have a great little display at the end of an evening with just one of them.

And if you do want to do your own display, say for Bonfire Night they also have a great selection of smaller fireworks and sparklers, starting from just a few Pounds.

What more could you ask for?

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