Fishers Farm Park — A review

I will be honest, we only found Fishers Farm Park because I googled “days out near Midhurst”, where my parents live. We were looking for something to do with my parents, and with Lily and this sounded perfect but we knew nothing about it, and they hadn’t heard of it either. Part of me actually wants to keep it a secret because it really is the perfect family day out, but then another part of me wants to shout about how fabulous it is because other, mediocre days out, could learn alot from this place.

How much is Fishers Farm Park?

First of all the pricing is reasonable, under twos are free, over sixties get a discount, and you can also buy an annual pass. The annual pass not only gets you in, but gets you a discount on purchases in the restaurants and coffee shop. It’s also an inclusive price, once in everything is paid for. Okay, I say everything, there are one or two attractions that are an additional fee, but for the most part you won’t be pestered to spend extra money because, well, because its nearly all included. YOU MUST BOOK in advance, via their website. choosing your entry time (so they can stagger people arriving).

Under 2s are free

£15.50 for 2 year olds

£17.50 from 3 to 59

£15.50 for over 60s

Free for Carers

How easy is it to get around?

Very. The car park is paved so easy for push chairs and wheel chairs, and once inside it is all paved too. We grabbed a map (and a bottle of sun cream as we hadn’t forgotten to bring our own) and then wandered through the cafe to the outside.

What about food and drink?

We took a picnic and found a table in the shade for our lunch, over by Splash Attack. There were lots of them, and plenty of grassy areas set aside for picnicking too. If you want to buy food there then there is the Lucky Horseshoe Coffee Bar in the entrance hall selling drinks and cakes, and outside there is the “Farmers Grill” with tables and chairs serving hot food, the “Ramblers Retreat” serving hot doughnuts, ice creams and hot drinks, the “Splash Attack Shack” selling ice cream and snacks (as well as swimwear and accessories if you have forgetten to bring your own). There is also a restaurant called The Saddle Rooms that does Sunday Lunches but we didnt spot that. We did however spot the picnic barn which would make picnicking in the rain a much more pleasant experience! They even had high chairs in it.

There is a huge sign telling you what time various attractions are happening, so you can easily plan where you want to be when, and to be honest because it is still relatively small it doesnt take long to get back to where you need to be. Check out the sign though, as the queues, I suspect, might be long when it is busy and you dont want to find yourself at the back. Or if you are super organised, check out the “What’s On” page of the website before you go. Lily was a bit young for most of the events and we were happy to just wander but we did make sure we got on the tractor ride! Only ten minutes it gives a lovely tour of the farm, with lots of spacing between families to keep it Covid safe. It was a lovely way to end our day at Fishers Farm Park

Any tips?

Yes, take refillable water bottles as there are water stations that enable you to refill your bottle

Dont forget your sunscreen

Be aware that during the tractor ride you will pass through a spray that cleans the tractor’s wheels, but it will also spray you. It is only a light misting but it might upset any children not prepared for it. Though it was lovely on a hot day!

Take swimming costumes and towels for the children to play at Splash Attack. And jelly shoes so they dont slip.

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