Food shopping

It started with a text:

Mum, we are just leaving dad’s.  See you in a couple of hours

Shit, what?  I thought you were coming home tomorrow.  There is no food in the fridge you can’t come home yet.  We have been away for the weekend and have been living on take aways and “Dine in for a tenner” deals.  Oh and wine. Sunday’s dinner was virtually all liquid.   ahhhhhhh.

Yay.  See you soon, just about to go out for food, what do you all fancy

And so instead of doing my usual online shop with Ocado whilst sipping a glass of wine I found myself in our local Morrisons at 1pm on Tuesday.   On an empty stomach.   On a school holiday.   With no menu plan and the imminent arrival of three children who ultimately would require food.

Anything not bought online is generally grabbed from Sainsburys or M&S.  Both very small stores but great when you just want stuff for one meal or some essentials.

I shop SAS style generally:  get in / get out / don’t get killed.

Morrisons have caught my attention recently with their ads for Robinsons squash at 50p a bottle so off I went to show my kids how much I love them by making sure they come home to a full fridge.    Love Robinsons.

So off I went to our nearest.  First problem.   I have have £19.73 in my purse, but do I have a single £1 coin?  No I do not.  I also have $11 from Barbados it would appear.  Hmm.    Have to go inside then, buy a newspaper with a £5 note and get some change.

That done I was ready to start again.   With a big trolley.   I cannot tell you the last time I used a big trolley.

Where to start?  The thing about on line shopping is that you buy your usual stuff and never really know what else is out there.

Ready chopped vegetables.  Diced carrots / shredded cabbage / sliced carrots.   Fifteen different varieties of salad.    I managed to grab it all.

Ooh three packs of meat for £10.  Check

Mashed potato / new potato / wedges / diced / chipped.   Check check and more check.

The Coke comes with a free glass if you buy a whole case.  Great.  I will have two.

Raspberry Possett down from £3.79 to £3.50.   I will have two of those.   What is possett anyway? 

Sliced bread / rolls / pitta / muffins / crumpets / scones / tortillas.  Yep, all in the trolley.

Which is pretty much full now so off to the check out to unload it all to then reload it back in the trolley.

But wait.

What are those things that the woman in front of me has?

She has cheesecake.  Why don’t I have cheescake?

And polenta.  I want polenta.  Dammit.

“do you want some bags?”

Of course I want some sodding bags.  What am I going to do?  Push the trolley home?

Why won’t it all now fit in my trolley?  It did five minutes ago before you made me take it all out.  And now it wont.

So my sliced bread is under the Coke.

One hundred and fifty what?  Three?  One hundred and fifty three Pounds?

But I only came in for two bottles of Robinsons squash.

Shit…. where is the Robinsons squash?



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  • Hahaha, I have never yet done online shopping, always army style, run in grab and get out morrisons, tesco depending on if I feel the need to check electicals or not xxx