The Gallery — Emotions

Another great category for the Gallery this week.   Looking back through old photos always brings back the emotion of the event being photographed for me.

Most of the photos that convey emotion in my collection are of the children either laughing or looking terrified on roller coasters.  And they don’t like me using photos of them so the hunt continued.

And then I found our wedding photos.  And this one in particular  seemed to sum up all sort of emotions.

Relief:   We did.  We actually flipping did it.

Hysteria:  Well it is obvious, isn’t it?

Joy:  Utter joy at the fact that we did it.

Pride:  In the three small Bs all doing an amazing job and looking fabulous

Euphoria:  I am now Mrs B!

It’ll be four years since we made it official  later this month but those emotions are all still as strong today as they were back then.

But now tinged with sadness.   Sadness that our best man is no longer with us.

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