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Fox Talbot Bag


The problem with camera bags is they look like camera bags.  Which is fine if you are a proper photographer.  It can start a conversation about what you are shooting with.   Comparing lenses.  Discussions about film versus digital.   Editing packages.  Yadda yadda yadda.     It means that idiots with a camera like me soon get rumbled as I have no idea about aperture or ISO.   No, what I need is a camera bag that works as a handbag.   Or a handbag that works like a camera bag.

I have been searching for months.  Ever since I started taking my camera out with me everywhere and I soon realised that my beloved Mulberry was not ideal as there are no separate sections in it and the camera was getting bashed by my car keys constantly.    My Mulberry handbag is one of my most treasured possessions and to replace it on days out with the camera meant that a camera bag had a big shoes to fill.

Step in the Fox Talbot bag from Jessops.   The minute I saw it I knew it was the bag for me.  And now I have been using it this summer I have confirmed that not only does it look fabulous but it really is the perfect camera bag for somebody who wants a bag that keeps their camera safe but also needs to carry a purse, keys, pens or even an iPad.

This summer I have been carrying two cameras, my trusty Nikon, and a spare lens, alongside a Fuji that I have been leant for a few months.  They all fit in quite comfortably, along with my purse and everything else I carry around on a daily basis.   In fact this bag was my hand luggage when we flew to Barbados last month and was the only handbag I took.

It went everywhere with us on holiday, and also came with me to Camp Bestival this month and still looks as good as it did when it first arrived.

It is exclusive to Jessops and retails at £69 for the large, which is the one I have.  The dimensions are : W x H x D 270 x 120 x 180mm and to give you an idea of size, this is mine today with two cameras and an additional lens inside.

Fox Talbot interior

With the padded layer lower the inside zipped pocket is visible, its the perfect size for my purse, you could you get an ipad between it and the interior wall.  All interior separators are attached with velcro so you can move them depending on how big your camera is or how many lenses you carry and the little pockets on the side are perfect for extra batteries, micro cleaning clothes, little tripods for your phone etc.

I am truly in love with this bag, it really is everything I need for a handbag that can safely carry a camera.

And certainly looks the part too

Fox Talbot Bag Jessops

Jessops Fox Talbot Bag

I can see me using this bag until it falls apart.  Which won’t be any time soon.


Jessops kindly send me this bag for the purposes of this review

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  • Ooh, I am wanting to stroke that bag. It looks LOOOOOOVELY! I am needing something to carry kit for my new photography/video hobby. Annie sent me this link…she’s good like that!

    Now, does the waffle maker fit as well?? 😉

    Mwah xx