Thorpe Park Fright Night — A review

Thorpe Park Fright Night — A review

If you read this blog regularly you will know that we are huge fans of Thorpe Park.

It is only up the road and when the teens want to do something with their mates it is always our first stop.   J decided he wanted to go this week with a couple of mates and experience Fright Night.

Mr B experiences Fright Night seven times a week when I come out of the bathroom with no make up on but when I offered to do this with J he did that look that teenagers give their parents from time to time  alot.      It has always baffled me why anybody would actually go out with the intention of being scared half to death.   I don’t do horror.   I can’t watch scary films.   I don’t like the dark.   I guess I am a bit of a lightweight when it comes to stuff like that.

But J is made of sterner stuff so off he went.

The idea this year is that a movie director has taken over Thorpe Park and by going to Fright Night you join him on set.   So for instance as you go into the “Cabin in the Woods” (which is a maze) you can choose the rooms you want to go into “and face your fears”.    Saw and My Bloody Valentine are two other mazes that follow a similar theme of taking you to a well known horror film set that you enter and then need to escape from.    All whilst ffeeling your heartbeat starting to race as you are not quite sure what is about to happen next.

If that wasn’t enough throughout the park there are “masked killers” looking for their next victims.   J said that the sets were brilliant, really well done and incredibly realistic.   In fact a couple of them were so realistic they didn’t do them as one of their group was a bit nervous.   But you know how teens can often be a bit “yeah, that’s rubbish” in a blase kind of way?  Well there was none of that from this group.

Of course all the usual rides are open too and in the dark take on a whole new dimension.   J did say that the queues were quite long for a lot of them so the Fast Passes are a really good investment if you want to make the most of your time there.     And that it is well worth planning your visit as the opening of the rides are staggered.   The mazes open at 3pm, and the Blair Witch zone opens at 6pm.    And the whole park is open until 10pm.

Though if that isn’t enough you can also stay later and really experience the Blair Witch Project after 11pm (with an extra ticket which are very limited) by why the hell would you?!!!  J is talking about wanting to do that next year!

He and his mates came away buzzing, doing Thorpe Park in the dark really adds a new dimension to the rides and the extra mazes and zones mean that you can experience a whole 12 hours of fun.   I can’t imagine doing those ten loops on Colossus IN THE DARK!!!   In fact I feel sick thinking about it.   But for a bunch of teenage boys it is the perfect day out.   In fact day and night, as you can spend 12 hours there over Fright Night.

Now THAT is value for money.


Various ticket packages are available, with discounts if booked on line.  Fright Night tickets really should be booked in advance

We received complimentary tickets.

Fright Night Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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