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It staggers me that the Halloween industry in this country is now worth over £280 Million a year.   That is just bonkers.   Most people don’t even know what Halloween is actually about.    I also learned this week that Tesco has a “Head of Pumpkins” (“Is that actually on her CV?”  said C when I told her) and that our local big Tesco is where more of the 1.8 million pumpkins sold by Tesco this year than in any other store in the UK.

Halloween sort of passes us by really.   My three teens are a bit old for it now and we have never really lived anywhere that it was easy to Trick or Treat around, so they didn’t do it.   And I have a bit of a thing about it as the idea of going out and knocking on doors asking for sweets doesnt really sit well with my “Don’t take sweets from strangers” mantra.   But that is just me being grumpy.

We do put up a few decorations to show any passing witches or goblins that we are happy for them to come to our front door in the pursuit of sweeties.   And before putting them outside the girls decided to make this video in the bathroom:

Scary Balloons!

And then this afternoon C put her crafty side to the front and combined her passion for being arty with her other love:  Minions to create the pic above.  What do you think?!

And all I can really show you for The Gallery theme of Halloween!

What do you think?  Love or loathe Halloween?

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