Team Honk Fund Raising for Comic Relief — Snowdon Climb

Now that Team Honk are back we are more fired up than ever to get fund raising.   That was, after all, the reason we first approached Comic Relief.  We wanted to show that bloggers not only get vocal but get behind a campaign and raise vital cash.

At the mental health clinic in Accra we heard the difference just £10 makes to the lives of all the people at the Basic Needs Trust.    So we want to raise lots of dosh to keep up the good work that Comic Relief have done over the past 25 years.

And that is where you come in.


The first crazy idea (and yes, that means there are more ideas up Team Honk’s sleeves)  we have is to send a team up Snowdon on March 2nd.   I sadly won’t be climbing as I have my own mad idea (that I will let you in on tomorrow) but Mr B and J will be doing it.   I will be there with tea and cake at the top though.   With a massive pot of Vaseline, blister plasters and Deep Heat.

So are you up for it?   Wanna join the climb?

If so, please go here:  and join The Team Honk Snowdon Challenge.   You can then invite all your friends and family to sponsor you.   (and send out your own notifications on social media etc) as part of our team.

We are looking into getting Youth Hostel accommodation, and also guides.

If you can’t make it but want to sponsor Team Honk then we love you.   And want to lick your little face.   You can sponsor the team on that page too.

Then tomorrow I will be telling you all about my crazy idea and showing how you can also get involved with fund raising closer to your own home if you want to do your own fund raising.

And of course, if you have a blog, please blog about your escapades or ideas and then link up on the TeamHonk page (which will have a new linky just for fund raising)




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