Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day is a relatively new phenomenon and isnt one we have ever really considered acknowledging before to be honest.  But this year, well this year, since we have just launched #FridayWithFriends Annie and I thought we would, after all Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating those female friendships we have in our lives.

Annie and I met online about eight years ago, and then finally met in person when we were both invited to the same event.  During the event (for a hotel who were promoting their amazing beds) Annie and I both snuck off and decided we wouldnt join all the other attendees at the local shopping centre during the free three hours the organising had snuck in for us ahead of dinner.   Nope, we decided we were going to go back to our rooms at the hotel and eat a bunch of Haribo and drink gin in a tin whilst watching Countdown.  I think we knew at that point our friendship was going to be a long one.

Since then our friendship really has proved to be what a good female friendship should be, there for joint adventures (there have been plenty of those, especially those shared with our Team Honk buddy Penny) and in times of sadness the other has always been at end of the phone.   Knowing when to allow space or when to show up on the doorstep with flowers.  We have celebrated the wins and commiserated the losses too.  In those eight years we seem to have crammed in a lifetime of friendship.

To celebrate Galentine’s Day this week we did a quick poll on Instagram and asked people to tell us who they would like to have as a BFF, and why.  The responses were all fabulous but here are four of our faves:



*Annie sneaks in*

For Christmas my mum gave me a huge box containing thousands of slides, all taken by one woman, Miss E. Heath, throughout her life. From the 1950’s through to the 90’s I’ve been slowly uncovering this woman’s life and travels through her photography. It’s quite something seeing famous places around the world as they were in the 1960’s and I’ve been pretty preoccupied with delving into the box, eager to discover more (luckily for me she made a point of writing locations and dates on the slide cardboard!)

One thing that I noticed from the first batch of slides that I looked at is that she travelled a lot with her friend, Ruth. There’s plenty of photos of them together and it looks like they holidayed together regularly.

vintage friendship photo

It’s really made me think about how little photos there are of me and my friends together. Take that fiend Mummy Barrow for example, we don’t have many photos of us together – something I’d really like to change. I take a lot of photos of family, and far too many photos of gardens 🙈so it seems really strange to have such an important part of  life left out. And let’s face it, a photo like the one below, the same friends as above many years later, is a thing to be treasured.

Personally I can imagine a photo of Tanya and I, aged 80-something, decades ahead when Galentines is a distant memory,  sat on a sea front eating a big bag of salty chips (and obligatory sausage roll) whilst being molested by a pack of rabid seagulls.

How about you? Do you have lots of photos of you together with your friends, or a similar mental image of the future friendship you might have? I’d really love to hear. 😀

Spratt out ✌️

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