The Gallery — Breathe

Breathe is the theme this week.   Now I am sure there are going to be some amazing photos of sleeping babies, open spaces, beautiful skies, deep grass etc.   All those things that aid deep breathing.   That make you do a heavy sigh of contentment.   This linky this week is going to be full of those sorts of shots I am sure.

Not me I am afraid.

Breathe for me means one thing at the moment.   When are the exams over and when can we do it.   Well I can finally breathe this week.   Finally let out that contented sigh of relief.   Because the end is in sight.  Tomorrow is Jonnie’s final A level.   He has done maths, physics and economics (the kid is a genius, he clearly doesn’t get that from me) this year and has worked his socks off.  They have been going on for over a month and tomorrow is the last one.

He can breathe.

Five universities applied to.  Five offers of a place.   Now whittled down to two at opposite ends of the country.   But for now we can breathe.   The revision.  The exams.   The worry.   They are all over.

Jonnie can breathe

We can breathe

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  • Hope all goes well! I am sure it will! Opposite ends of the country? I am dreading any of mine doing this. I did it to my family, but when I was 22, to be with my other half. Was tough and have regrets but am happy here.

  • Oh man, I DREAD this phase. I think the parents get the worst end of the deal as they’ve been through it all themselves and then have to relive the horror all over again!
    Breathe indeed 😉

  • Well done to him! It’s such a hard time for teenagers and for families. I’m not looking forward to this time with my kids, but I know it will be with us soon enough.

  • What a relief it must be for you all that the end of the Alevels is so close. I remember how stressful it was when I did mine, can’t imagine the worry a psrent has at the time.
    Well done to your son, you’ve done a fab job!

  • Awww such a relief! I remember when I was in high school & I am waiting for exam results and uni test result (we have to take one to enter). So many exams and activities to undergo. I dont even know how I passed everything. I am just glad it all over. #thegallery