#BritmumsLive 2014

#BritmumsLive 2014 I am ready for you.

I wasn’t going to do one of these posts originally but then, well, I changed my mind.  And I had something I wanted to say before tomorrow.   But will come on to that later.   For now though the planning is done (going away always involves planning, sadly I struggle with spontaneous), the packing is done, the lists are all ticked off and tomorrow I am off.

And so is Mr B!  As I am a speaker I get a ticket but being the super organised person I am, I had already bought my ticket last year.  So rather than sell it I asked Mr B if he would like to come along.   He is now tinkering with this blog and is going to be writing posts for me and generally getting more involved with reviews etc so I thought he might learn lots.   And meet some of my best friends who I talk about alot and only get to see at blog events.   Plus its an excuse for a weekend away, the World Cup is impacting massively on him at work (all sporting events do) and we have hardly seen each other for the past month.

So.  Check list

Phone and charger.  Above.  Check

Blog Bag.  Check


Business Cards.  Check


Notebook for all things note like.  Check


A little light refreshment for the train


Outfit for Friday.  Check

That is not identical to what Mammasaurus is wearing (we won’t be making that mistake again).  Double check.


High heels to go with posh dress.  Check


Tiara.  Check (yep, you need a tiara.  Read why here)


Friday night is all about the Brilliance in Blogging awards and I couldn’t be more thrilled or more shocked to be a finalist.   From the 10,000 members of Britmums who could have been in the final six for Social Media to include me is astonishing.   I do live my life on social media and see it as a huge part of me and what I do but to have that recognised by being a finalist is something I am very proud of.  I don’t for one minute expect to win, I am in such astonishing company that I am proud to have got this far.

Team Honk is also a finalist in the Campaigns category, amongst some incredible bloggers who have all worked hard and fought for their chosen worthy cause.   Again, for Team Honk to be in that category is true recognition of the hard work so many people put in to raising money for Sport Relief this year.   And makes me very proud.   And weepy.

Saturday means Mr B gets to see me speak <gulp> (here is the full agenda, I am on at 11.30am on Saturday, do come and say hello)   Though actually he hasn’t confirmed he will.  Maybe he will be in one of the other sessions.  Hmm, I might need to speak to him about that.    And I have another outfit, much more laidback

Comfy top half.  Check


Obligatory leggings under it

Comfy shoes.  Check  (in truth these comfy shoes will be on within ten minutes of arrival on Friday)


Bright red nails looking half decent as I tend to wave my arms around when talking.  Check


This year my sponsor is Sage Appliances as they are the only company I want to talk about this year, and in fact ever.   I have loved working with them in the past year and also love all they stand for as a company.   So if you want to chat to me about juicers / ice cream makers / risotto or coffee, please do.   I might also talk to you forever about the waffle maker that is coming out next month.

If you see me, do come and say hello.  I have had a few people tweet me to say “oh I saw you last year and was too scared to come up to you”.   This makes me so sad.   I am one of the most nervous people I know.   I am not a natural public speaker.   I hate going into places where I don’t know people.  Hell I can’t even park in a car park I haven’t been to before because I get the cold sweats.   I am hopeless at going up to people and introducing myself.   Childhood bullying sapped all my self confidence to wander over to people as I did at that school and then they would all laugh at me and say “haha.. who does she think she is?”.   So I can’t do it anymore.

If you see me.  Please please please come and say hello.

And can I ask you another favour?  I am rubbish with remembering names.  So please introduce yourself to me.  I will have forgotten your real name and that we chatted for an hour last year.   Seriously.  I got my own daughter’s date of birth wrong on the phone to the doctor last week.

Please come and say hello and ask for a free hug.  I have lots of those to give out.    And I would really like to go away from the weekend thinking I caught up with old friends but also made lots of new ones.

That’s what BritmumsLive is all about for me.  how about you?  What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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  • I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and to hear you speak…! You are going to look knockout in your dress, I am still undecided about what to wear to the BiBs although slightly less pressure on me as not a finalist, but will also be going for the ‘something over black leggings look’ on Saturday 🙂
    Good luck in the awards, I will cheering you and Team Honk on!
    Fab sponsor by the way, am on the edge of my seat waiting for the Sage waffle maker to come out…

  • Cannot wait to see you and get my yearly hug misses. PLUS there will be Bruce! Looking forward to seeing him again too xxx

  • Oh I DO hope I get to say hi and have a hug! I have your session marked as one I want to go to.

    Love your business cards… I’ve been busy writing quotes on the back of my cards too 🙂

  • I am one of those people who have watched you from afar and been too nervous to say hi! But I will do my best (possibly gin fuelled) to say hello. I love all your things like your notebook and your phone case. Oh, and all the drinkies! Love your outfits too. Hope you have a fab time and hope to say hello x

    • oh Emily that makes me SO sad. Please please please come and say hello if you see me. I would love to meet you. I will be hovvering around plug sockets ALL weekend

  • You’re so organised T ! I’m still trying to starve to fit into a frock tomorrow 🙂
    I’ll be cheering for you & Team Honk (obvs)
    Honk honk !!
    If I may claim a hug before reading out blog post on Sat that would be much appreciated. Xx

  • I LOVE both those frocks!
    And thank you for saying what I always try to say but fail. I might just have to copy and paste that paragraph about forgetting people I spoke to/hugged/shared dinner with for all to see. I’ll challenge you to a ‘who’s got the worst memory’ gin-off 😉

  • I don’t think I have ever seen you in heels – I am very much looking forward to seeing you you schmexy lady, and of course listening to your talk too! JAMBO!

  • Will be bumping into you for a hug tomorrow. You can remember me as Steph from Steph’s Two Girls or as that one who followed you into the Green Room and took a photo of you with Tim Minchkin 🙂

    • and you have NO IDEA how grateful I am you did that or nobody would believe that actaully happened. I think Tim wished it hadn’t. Poor guy. Please come find me, and I will keep an eye out for you!

  • I love that poppy dress and am a teensy bit (a lot) jealous of your tiara!
    I am very proud that Team Honk has been nominated in the awards. As a member of Team Honk Peterborough I love that I can say that I was a part of this amazing thing you and Annie started!
    Hope to meet you there! x

    • A MASSIVE part of it. And Team Honk is such a massive collective. It truly isnt just Annie, Penny and I. It is every single person that got involved. Please can we meet!!!

  • LOVE those dresses! I’m looking forward to seeing some amazing people, and maybe giving out a few little awards 😉 SO EXCITING!! x

  • Now I am getting totes excited…. I have yet to pack! Love your outfits – that floral skirt is fab. And of course I will becoming to say hell to you – how could I not eh? X

  • What a lovely post! I LOVE that bag and your outfits look fab. I am going for the casual look this year ; leggings and a cool top as I reckon it might be quite warm in there. It is going to be a fantastic couple of days and good luck in the Bibs

  • You are sooooo much more organised than I am. Yet to even sort out my handbag and yet I’ve got kids with me all morning tomorrow, plus some mums from school coming for coffee. I’ve really not planned this out well at all have I?

    Oh well – see you tomorrow.

  • I wont be there (not really well enough and my sons bday!) but i hope you have a ball x